Friday, April 11, 2014


Padding for battery

Hey, just a small question I think it worth to share and curious how many really like it. It is easy to answer so please at least try to read and answer it okay? Read the survey poll;

Know what survey poll are make for lazy people!! Just like me and you because we like fast thing like smart tag. hahahaah! The survey poll is from Ensurvey, this is their improven gadget with more beautiful infograph. for now the result is 50/50 for will and will not paddle to charge up their mobile. People please don't lazy!!!! Paddling is healthy just like sitting in the gym so support paddling!! Really Unbelievable that 30% of people don't support recycling! Why Why Why don't support! People please start support recycling if you don't want hot weather. *sigh*

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