Friday, April 11, 2014


Personalized Mug

Don't you think finding a birthday gift is the hardest thing!? It is harder than go exam or go work, is like go shopping whole day and you won't found a thing you like it or suit your friends. Don't you feel the same? If you're same as me this is a good post for you. This can be a new place for you to purchase your gift for your friends and the best is you don't have to walk out of your house to but it!!! This might not be the new tech or new shop or the only shop having this but it is easy and fastest way we can get a present without moving a inch of your muscle. Errrmmmm....OKAY it might need your fingers muscles to move a bit to click here and there.
Who am I talking about?! Them the Tboox, If you ask; What is Tboox, they are online gift store base in Malaysia. Somehow I like the word ONLINE! because it meant for LAZY people like me which we can just purchase anything anywhere just by a click of our fingers. Thanks to whoever created Internet because he make every lazy, ermmm NOPE I mean make everything easy. hahaha!!
You can choose the type of mug you like and with colour without colour, then put on any graphic you want even your PHOTO on it.
Example this the white mug;
Or mug with colour;
And you know what?! They not only selling personalized mug there're more stuff selling there!!!! Like many many many I searching through the website till turn into 4 pairs of eyes!! Go into the website you will know what I mean by turning into 4 pairs eyes, it like never ending scrolling!! In case you missed the link here it is; Tboox Online Gift Store Malaysia
They have personalized phone cases not only for iPhone user for other smartphone user you will found yours there.
One of the personalized Tumbler is my favourite so I won't mistakenly change my tumble with other people or lost my tumbler because people who found it can see my face on it and return it back to me! hahahaha
As I said they have many stuff selling on their website; like Creative Living where you can find some stuff with come in handy in your house or your life. You can even buy a baby napkin for your baby with their face on it!! Cute to the MAX! hahahaha
On my 21st birthday I actually receive one cute pink mug with my PRETTY face on it!!! Like SERIOUS MAD love with the mug, I must show you how madly in love I am with the mug!
Taadaaaa~~~~ LOL! Okay obvious this is not the mug because I saw my 21st Birthday cake while flipping to find the mug photo! So just wanna show off my cake!! with all my photo on it. SUPER VAIN!
This the real one! Don't you think it is so CUTE! I'm don't really like pink but with my face on it everything look nice!! hahahaha The other side is Hello Kitty with my name on it. fyi this is a gift from my friend so idk where he got this for me and this is not from Tboox. I repeat it is not from Tboox.

Ending my post with me and my cute mug of me!!!! Vainnnnnnn Is really suit people like me vain enough to pose with the mug.
Bye logging off - MsCarolineLzt

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