Friday, May 30, 2014


5:34 PM 0
I'm sorry to said to whoever really do read my blog, just realize I been far abandon my blog! Sorry for ignored you blog and thanks to my laziness!!

Shit always happens. Anyway nothing much happen is most end of May which mean we had already spend our half 2014 doing nothing (atleast I'm had done nothing better). It also mean my birthday have passes and my second visit to BKK passes and I think no more oversea trip for the coming half year. 

And Im gonna be jobless again. What else I missed out. Hmmmmm~ I think no more I always thought managing blog is quite easy stuff but then when I start to age and more and more problem and job come I realize it isn't easy so is really hardworking for those famous blogger to keep on updating just to satisfy us.

Anyway, errr actually no more anyway jut bye wait till I'm done with my job and back to jobless I will try to blog more and update those review which I didn't make it and trip if I could. 

So Bye.