Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girls

I almost forgot about all the product I receive but haven really have time to review it. Some product I haven even use it, still in the box. LOL! This is one of the product I receive right after I came back from my Thailand trip!! Thanks Natta Cosme and I know it a bit late to post this now but at least I remember. Please forgive me. *puppy eyes*

Okay let start reviewing the inside of the box I receive and We shall make everything short so we can go to the result earlier. Here a letter of with some note and also code [ TLSM ] this suppose to use for customer/my reader to get to try out the sample of Tokyo Love Soap (Medicated) but then now not sure can it still be used, because I receive this product before it is on selling in Natta Cosme. LOL! Sorry my bad because my late post. Im really sorry. 

Come back continue; A letter/note, a Natta Cosme name card, a 15g sample of TLSM and also the main product of full size 80g Tokyo Love Soap (Medicated), if you wanna get this product click into the link is already started selling at Natta Cosme.

A close up of the TLSM; Most lady favorite color soft pink packaging with classic design. My own opinion somehow the packaging doesn't attracted me much.

The inside of the pink box; Not a pink soap or a love shape one!?  I thought it will be in pink or love shape or some other fancy shape but NOPE, it is normal beige soap color and it come in round shape. It smell quite good not overly fragrance type of soap, just the right smell if you get what I mean.
Description of the soap;

It is a product that is very effective result in Skin Whitening-effect. Japan's best selling soap for private parts. Tokyo Love Soap contains natural herbs extracts such as chamomile extract, sage extract, rosemary extract and many more leaving you with soft and smooth skin throughout the day. 

Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girls is enhanced with collagen, placenta and rose scent! Anti-bacterial ingredients take away odor causing bacteria from armpit, feet and private area, while brightening skin, softening hair and discouraging hair growth. Suitable for problematic skin as in rashes, eczema, acne & other infectious skin conditions.

Tokyo Love Soap Girls have the same skin whitening and brightening property and natural Estrogenic Phenol clinically proven to minimize pores, smoothen the skin and add a natural rosy tone.

*I thought TLSM only got whitening and take away odor, didn't know it can even minimize pores! I already wasted it half the size for my body all this while!! I shall start using it on my face from today onward!!*

Me with the soap, on the day I came back home from airport I straight away open up the parcel!! hahaha *Happy girl in action*

The result so far, I been using it for around 3 weeks I guess;

Everything still good, My hand use to have small part of rough/dry skin now it not that dry. I have terrible back-acne problem but it didn't get better after using TLSM.

You know some time when there a part you keep sweating and it dries and sweat again and dries it will cause you itchy and redish skin? and I have those problem on my leg behind my right knee, it is really itchy when after sweating like right after I done with sport. Is this Eczema called? Anyway what I wanted to said is after I used TLSM it actually cure those itchiness!!! hahahah! It been troubling me quite sometime you know la when it is so itchy and you can't scratch in public those kind of feel is like Please-kill-me feeling.

Lastly is also one of the reason I will really want to recommend ladies reader to get this soap, As you can see Im quite a tan person and I can get tanner easily just by standing under the sun for few minutes and my skin got tanner. FML! So my tight and my arm was 2 toned color, some more very obvious one. IDK it is me or really the soap effect that my tight 2 toned color it look quite even this few days or the tanned part just fade of themselves LOL. MAGICAL right! hahahah

Im recommending this product to all the ladies reader who have problem like me as uneven skin tone or itchy/sensitive skin or eczema you can try this Soap here. Purchase it at Natta Cosme.

Their Website and Facebook.

Ending my review with the Selfie of me and gift from #NattaCosme Thank you!! =) Last one Their service are really good and the parcel reach on time! *thumb up*


Nick said...

suitable for guys too? hehe :P

MsCarolineLzt said...

no sure can guys use it but I dont think you guys will get it! hahahah cause it written on packaging Pure Girls! hahaha