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I think I shall change my name to MsLambat -_- I been always posting review late. Sorry to all product which I delayed the review am really sorry. Back to the topic;

Today review might help most of you with those itchy skin or eczema problem. If you had this problem please read till the end.

Im happy that they allow me to review their product and gave me quite a lot of sachets to try it out and I could give it to some of my friends to try it out too. I still got many right now, if any of my readers wanted to try out you may PM me =) I could give 1 or 2 sachets to you.

Opss.. Forgot to mention the name, Nourish Naturals.
The cream they gave me is Anti-itch Soothing Cream, which to soothe and relieve irritated skin. They have more product than one anti-itch cream.

Sorry I forgot to take photo of the cream texture -_- I should reposting it later on. Anyway, the texture is normal cream form and not really stick and slightly powdery. This 3g sachets might look small to you but I can't finish it even I put it all over my legs! hahahah

I suggest if you can't finish it open the sachet and squeeze it into a small cosmetic container so you could use it the next days.

Before I go into reviewing the product everything let me short introduce about the company;

Nourish Natural are product made and owned in Australia. NN provides range of natural skin, hair and personal care product. Their product suitable for baby too, the product is is not animals tested and is clinically tested.

They've redesigned their branding, if you used to be their loyal customer but then couldn't get it anymore it might because they changed their look. =) They rebrand it since April 2013, but no worry they only changed the look but not the ingredient. Purpose to rebrand is to make sure all Nourish customer can clearly read all the benefit.
Okay is time for the review;

As I said earlier the texture is not sticky nor greasy it quite powdery actually I like the texture. I prefer the powdery one than a sticky greasy one, especially u apply it before u go to bed the sticky of some cream quite annoying.

The smell of the cream, hmmm normal medication smell or maybe less than medication smell almost no smell.

The best I like about the cream is the cooling sensation after I applied it. It is not like those oilment cooling, sting or some people describe it as burning or maybe minty. It is cold, menthol. The menthol feel ease the itchiness really well.

Result of the cream; So far I think not bad it at least ease mosquitoes bite really well but not my long term back knee itchiness. It could cure for the time being only after that it will come back again.

Yeap, I think is all of the review. If you're interested to get it you can go to their website Nourish Natural Website or to their Nourish Natural Facebook for enquiry and purchase.

And for the product I reviewing is this Nourish Anti-itch Soothing Cream 85g;
It contain Collodail oatmeal, Canadian willowherd and menthol to relieve and soothing itchy skin. It helps manage dry and itchy skin. Calms, relieve and soothes. Suitable for sensitive skins. Petrochemicals free and  pH balanced.

If you think this the cream you want and it could help you, don't wait because itchy and dry skin is irritating! I know.

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