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Cafe Out of KL

It been awhile I didn't update blog, because Raya and my colleagues having their Raya Leave I have to take over their parts so kinda busy and I'm sorta out of stuff to write on. So here a throwback quite way back like 1-2months ago.

If you followed me quite sometime you will know I travel a lot especially to Johor Bharu *where my bf stay*. This round I went to visit him after so long I didnt visit his family. He decided to bring me to some new cafe he discovered.

***fyi; this is his very first time planned to bring me to some cafe, normally he will just bring me to some hawker stall or mamak or fast foods or the stall he and his friends used to hang out. So it quite a surprise he actually bring me here. Normally I will be the one who discover or search where to eat or what nice to eat and he will just bring me there. My bf the typical man which dont really care what they put into their mouth.

Where should I even start!? The name of the cafe - g Cafe @Taman Mount Austin, you can see their cafe easily with the big bright logo of "g"
They have upstairs & downstairs with outdoor(smoking area) to be seated. Their interior is comfy and relaxing suitable for everyone, for friends gather or family days or a place for you to be alone doing your own work there with a cup of coffee and piece of cake.

Sorry didn't took must photo on the seat, because I was to excited with their desserts.

The desserts bar, you can just see what they have before ordering.

 The beverages bar with the young handsome barista, preparing our drinks.

Before we start eating of course never waste even a second and start to selfie. Every second with him is precious so we shall keep on taking photo. Matchy Spain jersey;

Do remember this logo and BEAR ON!

Me looking terribly pale with eyebags with all the desserts.

The foods are all served and we have this weird habits; that we will not start eating unless our foods are all served in front us. Two different flavour big macaroon, Almond Indulgence, Green Tea Tiramisu and Oreo Milk Shake Ice Blended(which not in the photo). The photo really presentable right! You must know who took this and who arranged this, ME. hahahah

Everything look so good we have no idea which one to start from. We started with the Almond indulgence and I really like it, not too sweet just right. The chocolate ball on top is really nice, normally chocolate piece I will just give it to my bf because it made to be super sweet but not this. You should try it if you're there;

Almond Indulgence ; RM9.90

Our all time favorite GREEN TEA!! Both me and bf have really much same interest in almost everything. We actually said must order this when we saw it on the menu! hahah
If you a green tea lover like us, you MUST MUST MUST try this at least once. The green tea smell so good and the cream is smooth. It not really sweet too suit me but not my bf because he like sweet stuff. It is made of imported green tea powder and espresso soaked lady finger.

gMatchamisu - Green Tea Tiramisu - RM13.90 (worth to try)

The pretty and big macaroon!! Macaroon is really pretty in their round sandwich shape and the color which actually make human full of appettite. But macaroon is super duper sweet!! I always can't go for a second bites.

We ordered two different flavours to share; Lemon and Green Tea! - RM3.50 (Market price plus with the slightly bigger size of it)

If you realize I mention big when I talk about the macaroon, they put the macaroon on the small shot glass and you can see how how big the macaroon is. The shot glass is cold, properly they froze it so the cold macaroon can stay cold for awhile while served. See the macaroon is slightly bigger than the normal macaroon we see outside! hahah

About the taste....hmmmmm~ I prefer the Lemon flavour one and my bf prefer green tea one. The lemon is really nice with the strong lemon essence, as for the green tea I think not bad too but if comparing both I prefer lemon one.

Lastly the Oreo Milk Shake Ice Blended- RM10

Nothing much to talk about, is just normal oreo milk shake and quite sweet for me. We didn't want any coffee because it is too late to have coffee, worried we won't get a good sleep later on. Maybe their coffee is a blast, if any of you tried do let me know, so I could ask my bf to go for it he drink caffeine and I don't LOL.

So this is end of my "Cafe Out of KL" Hope all of you like it and feel tempted to go for a try there. Price are slightly above market price but the environment really cozy and relaxing. Service are good and place really clean.

Overall Good and relaxing, foods are good and our total damage is RM44.90 (Included Service-charges)

Address in case you couldn't find it just search on Wave or Map

147, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19,
Taman Mount Austin
81100 Johor Bahru

Operation hours;

Monday - Friday : 11am - 12am (midnight)
Saturday - Sunday : 9am - 12am (midnight)

If you hope to host private functions & gathering at their cafe do call 018-7668838 / 012-3721316 for reservations.

**They only accept Cash.


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If you have sweet-tooth you might like it