Monday, July 21, 2014


Fate - Pray

Recent tragedy which make whole world into darkness and also slowly bring down MAS company, every flight crew, pilot and whoever will go on plane a fear. The incident of MH370 haven solve and recently the shot down plane MH17 have become a biggest news, it even close down the Kiki steering lock news.

Am not gonna discuss anything about the right or wrong here neither gonna talk about what happen and stuff since it is all over the world news. Just hope every MH17 victims and crew RIP, to their families and friends take care.

Just few minutes ago I read this online HERE about the Assistant pilot of MH17, Ahmad Hakimi 29 born in Pulau Pinang (death, RIP). He was suppose to be in-duty on MH370 on the day MH370 lost contact but then he have a last minute replace by Fariq Abdul Hamid (lost in MH370, Pray). He and his family think it is lucky and a big relieves he actually got away from the MH370 tragedy.

But who know he end up meet god of death on MH17, leave her wife and a 9 months old baby. This is fate, when the creator of human miss you they will bring you back to their side; RIP.

Here photos of him;
I was teary for a while and feel silent for few second after reading that article and looking at his photo with his baby. Do appreciate people around you, human are as fragile as glass when it hit you and thats end of you.

Those photos I view online and video even news I saw are all really sad. You can see the belonging of the victims of MH17 everywhere with the pieces of the plane everywhere with smoke and after burned metal; Speachless just RIP, pray for them;

This should never happened. Hope it will never happen again.


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