Friday, July 18, 2014


Great Brunch

Yesterday was public holiday so we decided to go out for brunch with le girlfriends since everyone not working and Steffy is back for visit from Taiwan. But still we are not all there due to Carina went dating with bf, we were late to date her. Anyway, let see where we went for brunch but first let us take some #selfie;
Okay, I admit I choose these photos because I look good in it. HAHAHAHAH!! *evil* Okay let go to the foods no more selfie for now, we wait till the end of the post then.

We make decision to go Jibby & Co in Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya. If you never went there before or not familiar with that area like me. Just use Wave type in Empire Shopping Gallery or Jibby and Co will do. It easy to see cause it is a big glass two storey building right in front of the CIMB, I didnt took any photo of the building nor the environment. Anyhow, below photo took from Eat Drink KL;

When we reach, it started long queue outside, luckily Jaycee and Steffy reach and got us a table but we need to share with other people. Anyway the foods is the main point, so let see;

First served;

Jaycee's Chicken with Shimeji & Portobello Mushroom Carbonara - RM27
I suggest to order and share if you're a small eater, it is really creamy and really nice. The portion is bigger than what we thought and couldn't finish it alone because the creaminess make you full.

My came second; Basil Pesto - RM28
This is really nice because it come with many mushroom!! hahaah Not to greasy you can keep on eating this and won't feel bored. Jaycee said the basil taste wasn't strong she like it, depending on people some people like strong basil fragrance.

Steffy's Salmon Russian - RM23
It look so tempting! I really love salmon especially raw and smoked, underneath smoked salmon is egg aioli. This is okay okay for me because I already forgot how it taste like. If it is really good I definitely remember the taste

Lu Yi's Seafood Aglio Olio with Prawns, Butter fish, Blue Mussels, Squids - RM32
Just realise we ordered all the most common pasta hahahah! This is normal too but it is nice and full of seafoods, the prawns and mussels is big! Not really oily nor spicy.

Last came Angie's Soft Shell Crab Burger on Brioche - RM32
The frieds is heaven! Really nice sweet potatoes frieds not too sweet is the sweet of potatoes. Really soft and way different from normal french frieds. Even the burger taste normal the just completed everything. hahahah

And for the drink, sorry I only manage to took my own drink. The other start drinking once the drink served. Steffy's Boo Boo's Special - RM13 which is Pineapple, Orange, Lemon and Grenadine; It taste like orange and lemon only nothing special the only thing is we been guessing is why it is red in color.

Jaycee's Think shake, Chocolate - RM15; idk what it taste like because I not into chocolate so didnt try it. But it does loook thick.

Luyi and Angie sharing their, Lychee Mint - RM15; Combination of Ice blended lychee, watermelon, lime juice and mint leaves. This is really refreshing drink, everything in it is refreshing and remedy for thirst.

Mine Coco Longo - Rm19; Fresh coconut juice+flesh, Coconut ice-cream and longan. This is heavenly nice cooling drink ever and really nice properly because I like coconut juice. Similar taste to Malacca Klebang shake but I personally think this is nicer.

Overall the whole brunch really nice, with good foods and drink, comfy environment not too noisy and with my girlfriends. Everything here is good included the service is good, just the price is abit pricy.

Let end the post with my #OOTD shall I!? hahahaha or maybe #selfie again?! I think better to be both then since I can't make any decision;

Outfit of the day; Mature don't I?! LOL
Make-up of the day; I love my laces sticker double eyes lid, easy, invisible and comfortable compare to glue and those tape!!
Showing off my Honey bees;

Okay byee


Sherry said...

looks yummy no go there eat before I mean this restaurant

Nick said...

aglio olio looks good :P

Happy walker said...

haha, got a bunch of leng lui friend~ =D

MsCarolineLzt said...

Sherry: you should go and try for once with your family really nice food and environment.

Nick: ok ok only the carbonara and basil pesto better

Walker: yeah =)