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How Crazy Taste Like

Taking about crazy what can it be more crazier than putting live octopus into your mouth?! It might look weird in our country but in Korean or Japan maybe it actually really common to eat live seafood. Live mean still moving live sea creature without cooking it.

Even you wanted to try eating live seafood it quite risky because in KL we don't have sea near us, if we really want to have live seafood we have to go out of state to have it. But now we could have it in KL! but it might a bit different kind of seafood.

Crazy Fish the name; It is owned by a Korean couple, their famous seafood is the live octopus.

Let's go into their environment before we start eating;

You can choose to seated outside or inside which look as picture below. Their interior someone do have those Korea feel, you can see few tables are Korean. You can come and have you light meal and beer or Korean wine with your friends or dinner because they serve cooked foods too. You also can see a chalk board on top of the kitchen bar or counter, written what fresh and what seafood of the day or recommended seafood.

Lastly of course aquarium with live fish and other sea creature that you might never ever see before. ahhahaah!

Now we go into the main; FOODS

They will give complimentary veggies/dishes;

Carrot & cucumber with the salty sauce you normally see in Korean bbq restaurant, stewed potatoes which taste quite nice! and cucumber pickled which taste good too. Then we saw other table having kimchi as their side-dish so we sibeh kiasu don't wanna lose we requested for kimchi too! hahaha So remember to request for kimchi if they didn't gave you. Their kimchi is so cold and nice, it sour spicy sting really nice.

We keep on finished all the side dishes in few minutes till the fifth times we ask for refill the lady boss came and told us that the as refill for side-dishes! WHY!!!? This is no because we are greedy is because they foods serving is super slow!

As for beverage, they serve water for free as normal Korean restaurant too and we additional order a plum wine because Sarah and Macy want; 

Me and Shan only drank 1 Small glass we are not into drinking. hahaha! I don't like this but I drink the one my sis bought from Langkawi with big plum in it.

Anyway, this bottle is RM25

Our main purpose was the live octopus, so a must order;

I saw another blog about their experience but it was few months ago before we dine-in, It was stated in his blog live octopus RM30 but when we see the menu it written RM70 but because we don't wanna come so far and didn't get what we want, so we still ordered;
I would said is a new kind of experience if you never had it before but the taste just tasteless with fresh raw seafood but not smelly. The texture of chewiness is OMG hard to chew, I believe you won't chew long because it is really hard to chew till it minced. LOL! and of course it move but not in your mouth cause I didn't feel any movement in my mouth. They serve it with sesame oil only. Here a video showing it moving;

Next up was Urechis or some people called it as (Sea Penis);

This is how it look like it might look ugly but I think it look quite cute. HAHAHAH! I know Im weird, my friends didn't want to order this but I forced them to because I saw people said before it actually really tasty so I MUST TRY IT!! *photo from Google*

After being sliced it turn into this;

It still look not tasty till you put it into your mouth. It actually surprised us!! I mean only me and Sarah ate it cause the other thing it look ugly so they refuse to eat it even we choose the smallest pieces! It not fishy smell but quite fresh and slightly sweet and easier to chew compare to octopus. This Urechis is also live and still moving but not moving aggressively like octopus just minor movement. Btw you can mix it with sweet sauce it taste good and different kind of tasty.

I think this should be the MUST TRY in their menu, this small amount cost us RM35.

Following by Fish Egg Soup;

Which recommend by the waiter there. Nothing special to shout out about, I thought it will be something special but nope just normal with many fish eggs which again only me and Sarah finishing all the fish egg since the other two don't eat fish eggs.

The small pot of soup cost RM18 

Since they written on board REALLY FRESH we decided to order the Haribut or Halibut or Gwangeo sashimi;

I think all their seafood is fresh without fishy smell! LOL It taste quite similar to salmon but then texture more rough than salmon and it got some kind of vein which hard to chew and few bites it actually goes into between my teeth lucky it didn't pull out my teeth! hahahah and I have no idea why they serve it with veggies, garlic and chillies, are we suppose to wrap it? I tried it since they serve so but nothing special nor tastier. LOL I like chili so I finished the chili. Lmao 
This is RM45 I think it is for the small portion because they have a S behind in the receipt.

We were worries that those seafood sashimi might not fill our tummy so we order noodle! Lala Panmee Noodle; 

Nothing special and I think our panmee is nicer, the soup is clear and quite tasteless, a bit thick and powdery. We think they cooked the cook noodles and soup together with the same water. The noodle itself is not special. I have to put in salt and sesame oil to season it myself to taste better. ahahha

This big pot can be share among 4 person, RM30.

At this moment we could feel the foods in our stomach but not fully filled but we still have 2 dishes which not yet serve, we waited for quite long and a bit frustrated.

After long waited our last 2 foods serve, idk what this fish name cause the didn't count into the bill and idk why. Probably they forgot or they wanna give us for free because for awaited long. but if not mistaken should be Yellow Corbina;

Nothing special and really salty! I think corbina might be mean salty fish in Korea. No comment since it is free anyway.
Last one, a big Rice Ball RM10;

This is nice but the rice quite oily, the dried seaweed quite salty and the rice are quite tasteless so it go while together. It just normal rice with cucumber and carrot.

When we about to leave the boss gave us complimentary Salmon!! Because of the long waited serving! How generous are the couple boss. The salmon yes fresh as while and really ocean sweet I called it. I JUST LOVE SALMON!

The mess we did that night, everything cost us RM236 Nett which service charges or government tax. It is not a bad place but we won't be going there again cause quite expensive and not filling, maybe go for normal friends gather and have some snack with some Korean wine but as for experiencing Korean live seafood yes you must go there!

They located at Solaris Mont Kiara, you can search on Wave GPS Crazy Fish and you will get it. Just park inside the mall and walk around you will find it. Spot their name Crazy Fish with a fish in the Fish.


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