Monday, August 25, 2014

The Pink Box

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The PINK box is here again! HiSHOP it is, guess what in it!? Their box really nice and thick! My second HiSHOP box, i keeping it again. Full of boxes on my rack.

It is a product from Korea, this explain why all words are in Korean but no worries they have English. Everything you need to know it on the box and as usual I read everything before I start using it. Especially people who have sensitive skin must read carefully before using.

Ingredient, Feature and How to use is all printed on the box in Korean and English.

Let start with the ingredients; It is Natural deep cleansing and the main ingredient is "Rice", it have Rice powder and rice bran in it is to deeply scrub and cleanser even tiny death skin cells. It is chemical free, you can notice the 7 FREE on the box it mean free from; Animals ingredients, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Mineral oil, Silicon, Sulface surefactant and Talc is not in it, so use without worry.

Deep Cleansing, Pore Care and Moisturizing Recommended for rough and tired skin, which really suitable for people now because people nowadays always facing TV, computer, phone, sleep late and at here weather is really hot and many dirt. It quite suitable for me since I have quite rough and tired skin.

Total solution for rough skin as it smoothing your skin to an even texture while removing dirt and old dead skin cells and impurities. After I use for few times I already can few my skin really quite smoothen, right after you use it you can feel refreshing and smooth skin. Unlike some cleanser I used previously after cleansing my skin feel tense and dry.

Feature of Deoproce natural deep cleansing foam: Rice flour and mixed cereal extracts dissolves dead skin cells without causing irritation, leaving your skin smooth, soft and hydrated. Rice water helps to even the skin tone while calming irritated skin caused by cleansing.

- Blend in well with make-up
- Radiant and refreshed complexion
- Smooth skin whenever you touch
- Soft skin texture

I didn't know it can be use to wash out make up too! Shall try it later on, didnt took photo of before and after because it couldn't clearly seen on photo.

This is how the texture is; soft and liquid foam not gel or cream form. It dissolve very easy even the scrubbing beads is easy and fast dissolve to our skin. I believe this can be use daily since it is not those hard scrub beads like the usual scrub. Some scrub cleanser I bought could be used daily because the beads in it hardly dissolve.

Here how it look like and the beads after I spread it.

How to use:
Dispense an appropriate amount, fully lather with lukewarm water, wash face with massaging motion, rinse off with lukewarm water.

So far I had using this for 2 or 3weeks and Im satisfy with the product. Is quite a good product as it is really smoothen my skin and does leave tense or dryness after using it.

If you are finding for good cleanser and scrub product this is big recommended since you can use it everyday and scrub off your dirt and death bad cell skin and still leaving your skin smooth and hydrated. If you're interested to buy one here the link : Deoproce Natural Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam Deep Cleansing 170g

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Happy shopping!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Myeong Dong - 맛있어요

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Annyeong!! Im in Korea NOT, still in Malaysia went shopping alone yesterday and brunch alone too. Pathetically feel peaceful BORED and enjoy Foreveralone going out alone. Okay since Im alone I will not go for Japanese food or any big restaurant for brunch, so I decided to go for small snack stall than full meal and I passed by Myeong-Dong a new Korean snack bar!! AWESOME totally awesome because Imma big fan of Korean cuisine and this is so right, they even gave me sampling and yes I did took it just like a typical Malaysian! hahahaha

The sample just hit me right and I think no more just went in and order my foods!! You saw the name there "Myeong Dong Topokki" So it a MUST to try it out. Cute logo of chef topokki.

Here my foods!! As I said is a snack bar so it is self-service, go to the counter and choose your snack then pay and wait for it to be cook. Btw I think one of the boss is Korean because there's one Korean man there serving people and helping at the kitchen.

Here is my order; Topokki a must and you can order either original or Hot spicy if you really like spicy. Mine is original because I having sore throat can't go for too spicy, the original one is sweet and spicy but not too spicy. Gonna come back trying the Hot spicy one but not alone I worry I couldn't finish it.

I was planning to order rice balls but then I change my mind after the lady told me Kimali is Korean vermicelli and I love their vermicelli so not even thinking for another second. hahahah!

Look inside my bowl of topokki!! OMG! can't stand it anymore I need it now! HUNGRY!! Neverever blog while you're hungry. Anyway other than saying awesome and tasty nothing else I can say. This is really nice their sauce is really nice you can just dip any other snack you order with the sauce really good!

Bowl of topokki - RM8.90

And this is Kimali, tempura of Korean vermicelli. This is so heavenly I tell you I must say this "MUST TRY", Crispy outside and soft inside. okay I know I just talked nonsense but this is really nice too but careful make sure it is not that hot only your put it into your mouth or else you will burn your mouth!!!

Try dipping it into your topokki sauce it is superb nice. Like really nice!

Kimali - RM7

Total Lonely brunch is RM18.90 Nett without service charge or government tax. Thank you, Please come again!! Definitely coming back again for your rice ball, Hot spicy topokki and more Kimali!!!
Foods was great and services is pretty nice with a pretty staff there, environment normal snack bar (Korean MRT theme) and clean because it is new! But not much variety foods, all snack no full meal like ramen or bimbab. Their beverage just few probably you can count it in 1 hand and expansive a botttle of mineral cost me RM3. Economy not good and this is the proof of it. hahahah *Just kidding*

And Im not kidding with Going back again. I confirm will go back for more.

Look for them at;
F1.AV.148 Asian Avenue Sunway Pyramid

I got my hair cut and I look like a kiddo now! feel so weird and young -_-!! hahaha regret but can't complain cause i requested too so wait till it long. hahah!


Friday, August 15, 2014

Kelvin Gems Jewellery Merdeka Free Voucher 2014

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Kelvin Gems, with an established history of 40 years, is a prominent and eminent homegrown jewellery brand. It has accrued notable fame and outshines the others in the turf on its own, namely, the Japanese community in Malaysia. Kelvin Gems designs are simple, elegant, unique, yet remain timeless.

You can found many different type of jewelleries and the best is they even have jewels making workout to learn how to make jewellery. So you can wear your own creation out. If you wanna find out more here the link; Wear Your Own Creation

Here a good news for you if you wanna buy some jewellery for yourself or for you friends and families; Kelvin Gems having Merdeka offer for all of us!! Since it is Malaysia 57th Merdeka day, they giving RM57 voucher for all of us to purchase online. The code; MERDEKA57 for minimum purchase of RM200 and valid untill 16th Sep 2014.
*All online purchase is covered with 7 days return exchange period, an International Product Warranty & free Lifetime Polishing Service. Visit for details.

Terms & Conditions:
- Kelvin Gems MERDEKA57 is valid till 16th September (23:59).
- Total coupon value is RM57.
- Minimum purchase of RM200 required in order to use the coupon.
- Coupon may only be used once per customer.
- Coupon is not returnable or refundable upon order cancellation.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Run for My Life!

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I been MIA in marathon after few months, and I and my runner gang have plenty more marathon and obstacles marathon on our calendar!!! As we counted it will be 132.5KM from now to December 2014, if we don't stop ourselves to keep on registering every run it will be worse which make use could run to Penang or maybe Singapore too. hahahah

Here my bid number and the finisher medal. This is the 3rd series of NM Galaxy Road Run, every each of the run medal can be combine into a big medal. I is a Puzzle medal, really special idea of medal attractive right. Go buy toto with my number if you won then 30% please. hahahah

The photo is one of the beverage sponsor(Malta) they bought us a PHOTO BOOTH!! Lucky me and sis insist to take even the guy didnt want too. Really pretty and nice and it is free why not!

Close up of the medal with the venue of run, date and destine. But I missing a piece from 2nd NM run I was outstation couldnt join but lucky or bad lucky you judge; All my runner friends told me it is was suffering run ever is like running up hill and down hill. hahahah!

Close up into my photo booth photo with m cheeky sis. I love the last one best, other trying to get a pretty shot or some big poser shot but we getting our's ugly! hahahahaha This what sisforlife mean doing everything together and being ugly together too.

After run we got our typical and boring group photo infront of the big backdrop.

And another one; they prepare a Instagram standee for us! so we could get ourselves a Instagram groupee! hahahaha look quite real right! The lady which helped us said "you guys should POSE BIG!" and this is the biggest pose we could do! ***Too shy to pose big infront of so many people.

My pretty sis with the typical runner look with her finisher medal! haha and also her tiger tooth.

Me with my medal!! and also my running look!

I even get myself presents from this running cause by my shoes and pants. Blister from shoes because it is a training shoes not so suitable for running so this is what your get if you use the wrong shoes.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Let have Pickle for Dinner

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A throwback dinner with my buds, before we started with our meal lets start with my #LOTD and #MOTD. Liner is a must because eyes are where people first see and also laces tape double eye-lid, light lip tint just to have color so I wont look pale. But I think I put too much concealer on my eye bag, everyone thought I got tanner again. *sad

Trying hard to be cute with my new Mickey Mouse top - I got it from H&M and my red Skort skitter - got from Bkk. I wasn't plan to tie up my hair but while Im waiting for my bud to fetch me am getting bored so I started to curl end of my hair but fail so I just add in a red fluffy big bow which make me look like Minnie Mouse - got it from Daiso. 

So do we look alike!? hahaha Anyway back to having pickle for dinner with buds, We was there in Pickle & Fig for early dinner. Timing was quite wrong for lunch and a little too early for dinner actually. Anyhow we were there expecting for super full dinner. Four of us were so hungry, it was my first meal that day because I was home are 1.30pm from work and prepare to out straight away so they will not have to wait me but..... anyway we are so HUNGRY!

It is not a random dinner after all, hahah it is actually a little gather around with our birdie Bert. We are gather for dinner because it is his birthday so just a small cake-less birthday dinner. A candid I did for him, frowning should be really stressful in work.

And we shall decide what to eat and here is the BIG MENU for everyone. hahaha All is written on the chalkboard and it quite hard to read everything. But it is easier for us to order because they don't service u at the table you have to go to the counter and order plus pay for your ordered. They have not much to ordered, most of it was sandwich, it is so wrong timing to come for dinner actually their menu are more for breakfast. **i think

The inside seat with normal table and coffee table size which we were seated with soft cushion with pillow and small chair. The environment is really comfortable for friends gathering and simple nice interior. They have outside seat for smoker.

And us selfie time while Keith go ordering our foods for us! hahah Bert as always being tricky hard to get look. As I said you hava to decide, order and pay your foods at the counter. But no worry you won't have to selfservice your own foods they will send to your table later on. 
Here one with Keith in it, we can't let go any one of us. The 4 musketeer reunion. hahaha

My drink; Goji Me(Strawberry+Goji+Apple+Pineapple+Yogurt) serve first with Jaycee pot of; Lavender Tea. My Goji Me taste good a bit of soury bring your appetite up.

Goji Me - RM12
Earl Grey Lavender - RM8

Foods is served; Dig in!! But I will never forget to take photo of the foods.

Onions & Cheddar - RM8

This is quite nice and I like it. The baquette is really nice it is crispy outside and soft inside, not hard and difficult to chew.

Smoked Salmon Carbonara - RM22

For me I think it is okay, I still prefer Jibby & Co carbonara. 

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Sandwich- RM19

The bread is nice, could really taste the cream cheese probably the bread cover all the taste. I only get a bite of it so not much reviewing. LOL

Nachos - RM12

This is heavenly, it will be perfect if they serve us hot. The cracker turn soft cause too long dipped the sauce and the cheese is no longer melted when it served on our table. But I like this one, maybe because I like jalapeno, cheese and olive. hahaha

Traditional Fish & Chips - RM25

The frieds and fish it really nice, normally I don't eat fish and chip; not a fish lover and normally it  will be quite oily with mostly flour but this is great not really oily and thin flour. Their tartar sauce really nice but really salty or sweet as the one you normally eat.

This is all about the foods; so far everything is good and nice, but I dont think it is suitable for dinner but for breakfast yes it is a great place to hangout.

If you interested to visit here the address;

26, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours
Monday - Thursday : 10:00 - 23:00
Friday - Saturday : 10:00 - 00:00
Sunday : 10:00 - 23:00

Contact Number : 03-2858 9960
E-mail :
Facebook :
Website :

End of today post with my OOTD;

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Painless Facial

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As what my title have mention; Painless Facial ladies!! No extraction or pimples or pore pinching, now then you started to questions what kind of facial it is; Scraping Therapy, YES a Beauty Scraping Therapy it is. Try searching it on Google and you will find this and that and that! LOL Which more or less really creep you or scared the shit out of you.

The meaning of scraping is "刮痧Gua sha" in Mandarin/Cantonese and it is a type or traditional remedy for most of the heaty illness. Gua sha刮痧 explain as "Scraping (sha)Bruises"

Which the sensei will use a spoon and start scraping/spooning your back as below photo and end up as following too;

Okay back to business! Does the photo above scared you away!? You better not because you might miss out good stuff then, as I said Beauty Scraping Therapy or we should call Arte Belle Beauty Scraping Therapy which actually started from two young ladies name Fiona and Yee Mun. They are both really young and pretty lady by age and look. Sorry I didnt took any photo LOL! So no pretty ladies photo for today;

Anyhow here is one of the tool which they use for the Scraping part and not those ceramic Chinese spoon so no worry. This is safe and not harmful nor leaving bruises marks on your face.They call it "Buffalo Board" because it made out from part of buffalo I already forgot which part.

The fish shape is structure according to our face shape to easier the scraping.

Started our facial with removing make up if you have make up on, if no then straight to cleansing and all the moisturising and eyes cream or serum and stuff. Of course masking for ending the cleansing part.

After all the cleansing we start with the main therapy which is Scraping. Dont worry about the scraping part and after scraping. It wasn't pain and will not leaving scratches nor bruises, actually it is quite comfortable especially when she asked me to close my eyes because we have to scrape the eye part too. For serious I almost fall asleep when she helped me scrape, lucky both of them are friendly enough to keep talking with me. hahahah 

I know I somehow look weird from this angle. LOL She is scraping to lift my chubby face cheek. Oh yeah did I mention that scraping therapy can help minimize your pores and also lifting your fluffy cheek. Other than that, it help blood circulation, reduce your puffy eyes bag, Reduce puffiness and water retention, fines lines as like wrinkles and I think there're more just I forgot. hahahah Sorry

You just need to try it and let the expert to explain everything.

And here are the products they use, Artistry; You might know it or maybe not I dont think this products are sell on rack. Anyway, this is the product which used on the Beauty Scraping Therapy. They have different range of product, if you're interested to know more do email them (here ; for more details.

If you still doubt about trying or not; Here some photo of before and after scraping. You can see the diferent of sizes of the pore, the before is more obvious and the after is more lighter. ***Photo are not edited only added in watermark and labels.

The smiley fine line is slightly lighter too.

Not sure can you see the different in the photo or not, The cheek is slightly shaped and the before are quite puffy round. The big small eyes is non related. -_-

You should give it a try, today is the 4-5th day after the therapy my pore are still good. Normally I go facial it stay clean for like 2 days only but this stay till today (4-5th days). But somehow I prefer going to salon for facial then they come to my house, I enjoy being pamper in a more relaxing places.

If you're interested to try it out here is their number and the price for the section is RM128 for now!! Do contact them thru email, phone call or Facebook (here; Arte Belle)
Hope I explain most of the thing here.