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Let have Pickle for Dinner

A throwback dinner with my buds, before we started with our meal lets start with my #LOTD and #MOTD. Liner is a must because eyes are where people first see and also laces tape double eye-lid, light lip tint just to have color so I wont look pale. But I think I put too much concealer on my eye bag, everyone thought I got tanner again. *sad

Trying hard to be cute with my new Mickey Mouse top - I got it from H&M and my red Skort skitter - got from Bkk. I wasn't plan to tie up my hair but while Im waiting for my bud to fetch me am getting bored so I started to curl end of my hair but fail so I just add in a red fluffy big bow which make me look like Minnie Mouse - got it from Daiso. 

So do we look alike!? hahaha Anyway back to having pickle for dinner with buds, We was there in Pickle & Fig for early dinner. Timing was quite wrong for lunch and a little too early for dinner actually. Anyhow we were there expecting for super full dinner. Four of us were so hungry, it was my first meal that day because I was home are 1.30pm from work and prepare to out straight away so they will not have to wait me but..... anyway we are so HUNGRY!

It is not a random dinner after all, hahah it is actually a little gather around with our birdie Bert. We are gather for dinner because it is his birthday so just a small cake-less birthday dinner. A candid I did for him, frowning should be really stressful in work.

And we shall decide what to eat and here is the BIG MENU for everyone. hahaha All is written on the chalkboard and it quite hard to read everything. But it is easier for us to order because they don't service u at the table you have to go to the counter and order plus pay for your ordered. They have not much to ordered, most of it was sandwich, it is so wrong timing to come for dinner actually their menu are more for breakfast. **i think

The inside seat with normal table and coffee table size which we were seated with soft cushion with pillow and small chair. The environment is really comfortable for friends gathering and simple nice interior. They have outside seat for smoker.

And us selfie time while Keith go ordering our foods for us! hahah Bert as always being tricky hard to get look. As I said you hava to decide, order and pay your foods at the counter. But no worry you won't have to selfservice your own foods they will send to your table later on. 
Here one with Keith in it, we can't let go any one of us. The 4 musketeer reunion. hahaha

My drink; Goji Me(Strawberry+Goji+Apple+Pineapple+Yogurt) serve first with Jaycee pot of; Lavender Tea. My Goji Me taste good a bit of soury bring your appetite up.

Goji Me - RM12
Earl Grey Lavender - RM8

Foods is served; Dig in!! But I will never forget to take photo of the foods.

Onions & Cheddar - RM8

This is quite nice and I like it. The baquette is really nice it is crispy outside and soft inside, not hard and difficult to chew.

Smoked Salmon Carbonara - RM22

For me I think it is okay, I still prefer Jibby & Co carbonara. 

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Sandwich- RM19

The bread is nice, could really taste the cream cheese probably the bread cover all the taste. I only get a bite of it so not much reviewing. LOL

Nachos - RM12

This is heavenly, it will be perfect if they serve us hot. The cracker turn soft cause too long dipped the sauce and the cheese is no longer melted when it served on our table. But I like this one, maybe because I like jalapeno, cheese and olive. hahaha

Traditional Fish & Chips - RM25

The frieds and fish it really nice, normally I don't eat fish and chip; not a fish lover and normally it  will be quite oily with mostly flour but this is great not really oily and thin flour. Their tartar sauce really nice but really salty or sweet as the one you normally eat.

This is all about the foods; so far everything is good and nice, but I dont think it is suitable for dinner but for breakfast yes it is a great place to hangout.

If you interested to visit here the address;

26, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours
Monday - Thursday : 10:00 - 23:00
Friday - Saturday : 10:00 - 00:00
Sunday : 10:00 - 23:00

Contact Number : 03-2858 9960
E-mail :
Facebook :
Website :

End of today post with my OOTD;

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