Monday, August 18, 2014


Myeong Dong - 맛있어요

Annyeong!! Im in Korea NOT, still in Malaysia went shopping alone yesterday and brunch alone too. Pathetically feel peaceful BORED and enjoy Foreveralone going out alone. Okay since Im alone I will not go for Japanese food or any big restaurant for brunch, so I decided to go for small snack stall than full meal and I passed by Myeong-Dong a new Korean snack bar!! AWESOME totally awesome because Imma big fan of Korean cuisine and this is so right, they even gave me sampling and yes I did took it just like a typical Malaysian! hahahaha

The sample just hit me right and I think no more just went in and order my foods!! You saw the name there "Myeong Dong Topokki" So it a MUST to try it out. Cute logo of chef topokki.

Here my foods!! As I said is a snack bar so it is self-service, go to the counter and choose your snack then pay and wait for it to be cook. Btw I think one of the boss is Korean because there's one Korean man there serving people and helping at the kitchen.

Here is my order; Topokki a must and you can order either original or Hot spicy if you really like spicy. Mine is original because I having sore throat can't go for too spicy, the original one is sweet and spicy but not too spicy. Gonna come back trying the Hot spicy one but not alone I worry I couldn't finish it.

I was planning to order rice balls but then I change my mind after the lady told me Kimali is Korean vermicelli and I love their vermicelli so not even thinking for another second. hahahah!

Look inside my bowl of topokki!! OMG! can't stand it anymore I need it now! HUNGRY!! Neverever blog while you're hungry. Anyway other than saying awesome and tasty nothing else I can say. This is really nice their sauce is really nice you can just dip any other snack you order with the sauce really good!

Bowl of topokki - RM8.90

And this is Kimali, tempura of Korean vermicelli. This is so heavenly I tell you I must say this "MUST TRY", Crispy outside and soft inside. okay I know I just talked nonsense but this is really nice too but careful make sure it is not that hot only your put it into your mouth or else you will burn your mouth!!!

Try dipping it into your topokki sauce it is superb nice. Like really nice!

Kimali - RM7

Total Lonely brunch is RM18.90 Nett without service charge or government tax. Thank you, Please come again!! Definitely coming back again for your rice ball, Hot spicy topokki and more Kimali!!!
Foods was great and services is pretty nice with a pretty staff there, environment normal snack bar (Korean MRT theme) and clean because it is new! But not much variety foods, all snack no full meal like ramen or bimbab. Their beverage just few probably you can count it in 1 hand and expansive a botttle of mineral cost me RM3. Economy not good and this is the proof of it. hahahah *Just kidding*

And Im not kidding with Going back again. I confirm will go back for more.

Look for them at;
F1.AV.148 Asian Avenue Sunway Pyramid

I got my hair cut and I look like a kiddo now! feel so weird and young -_-!! hahaha regret but can't complain cause i requested too so wait till it long. hahah!


Kenji said...

More Delicious Food! Thx for the info.

MsCarolineLzt said...

(Y) sure