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Painless Facial

As what my title have mention; Painless Facial ladies!! No extraction or pimples or pore pinching, now then you started to questions what kind of facial it is; Scraping Therapy, YES a Beauty Scraping Therapy it is. Try searching it on Google and you will find this and that and that! LOL Which more or less really creep you or scared the shit out of you.

The meaning of scraping is "刮痧Gua sha" in Mandarin/Cantonese and it is a type or traditional remedy for most of the heaty illness. Gua sha刮痧 explain as "Scraping (sha)Bruises"

Which the sensei will use a spoon and start scraping/spooning your back as below photo and end up as following too;

Okay back to business! Does the photo above scared you away!? You better not because you might miss out good stuff then, as I said Beauty Scraping Therapy or we should call Arte Belle Beauty Scraping Therapy which actually started from two young ladies name Fiona and Yee Mun. They are both really young and pretty lady by age and look. Sorry I didnt took any photo LOL! So no pretty ladies photo for today;

Anyhow here is one of the tool which they use for the Scraping part and not those ceramic Chinese spoon so no worry. This is safe and not harmful nor leaving bruises marks on your face.They call it "Buffalo Board" because it made out from part of buffalo I already forgot which part.

The fish shape is structure according to our face shape to easier the scraping.

Started our facial with removing make up if you have make up on, if no then straight to cleansing and all the moisturising and eyes cream or serum and stuff. Of course masking for ending the cleansing part.

After all the cleansing we start with the main therapy which is Scraping. Dont worry about the scraping part and after scraping. It wasn't pain and will not leaving scratches nor bruises, actually it is quite comfortable especially when she asked me to close my eyes because we have to scrape the eye part too. For serious I almost fall asleep when she helped me scrape, lucky both of them are friendly enough to keep talking with me. hahahah 

I know I somehow look weird from this angle. LOL She is scraping to lift my chubby face cheek. Oh yeah did I mention that scraping therapy can help minimize your pores and also lifting your fluffy cheek. Other than that, it help blood circulation, reduce your puffy eyes bag, Reduce puffiness and water retention, fines lines as like wrinkles and I think there're more just I forgot. hahahah Sorry

You just need to try it and let the expert to explain everything.

And here are the products they use, Artistry; You might know it or maybe not I dont think this products are sell on rack. Anyway, this is the product which used on the Beauty Scraping Therapy. They have different range of product, if you're interested to know more do email them (here ; for more details.

If you still doubt about trying or not; Here some photo of before and after scraping. You can see the diferent of sizes of the pore, the before is more obvious and the after is more lighter. ***Photo are not edited only added in watermark and labels.

The smiley fine line is slightly lighter too.

Not sure can you see the different in the photo or not, The cheek is slightly shaped and the before are quite puffy round. The big small eyes is non related. -_-

You should give it a try, today is the 4-5th day after the therapy my pore are still good. Normally I go facial it stay clean for like 2 days only but this stay till today (4-5th days). But somehow I prefer going to salon for facial then they come to my house, I enjoy being pamper in a more relaxing places.

If you're interested to try it out here is their number and the price for the section is RM128 for now!! Do contact them thru email, phone call or Facebook (here; Arte Belle)
Hope I explain most of the thing here.

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