Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Run for My Life!

I been MIA in marathon after few months, and I and my runner gang have plenty more marathon and obstacles marathon on our calendar!!! As we counted it will be 132.5KM from now to December 2014, if we don't stop ourselves to keep on registering every run it will be worse which make use could run to Penang or maybe Singapore too. hahahah

Here my bid number and the finisher medal. This is the 3rd series of NM Galaxy Road Run, every each of the run medal can be combine into a big medal. I is a Puzzle medal, really special idea of medal attractive right. Go buy toto with my number if you won then 30% please. hahahah

The photo is one of the beverage sponsor(Malta) they bought us a PHOTO BOOTH!! Lucky me and sis insist to take even the guy didnt want too. Really pretty and nice and it is free why not!

Close up of the medal with the venue of run, date and destine. But I missing a piece from 2nd NM run I was outstation couldnt join but lucky or bad lucky you judge; All my runner friends told me it is was suffering run ever is like running up hill and down hill. hahahah!

Close up into my photo booth photo with m cheeky sis. I love the last one best, other trying to get a pretty shot or some big poser shot but we getting our's ugly! hahahahaha This what sisforlife mean doing everything together and being ugly together too.

After run we got our typical and boring group photo infront of the big backdrop.

And another one; they prepare a Instagram standee for us! so we could get ourselves a Instagram groupee! hahahaha look quite real right! The lady which helped us said "you guys should POSE BIG!" and this is the biggest pose we could do! ***Too shy to pose big infront of so many people.

My pretty sis with the typical runner look with her finisher medal! haha and also her tiger tooth.

Me with my medal!! and also my running look!

I even get myself presents from this running cause by my shoes and pants. Blister from shoes because it is a training shoes not so suitable for running so this is what your get if you use the wrong shoes.

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