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Wish 2015 Will Be The Same

Did I mention before I went to Bangkok again this year? This round with my parents, grandma and my AuntJenny & her daughters (The J's sister). Last year I went there on July and after a year later I go again on May right after my birthday, I shall consider this as my Birthday gift/trip from my parent once again. Last year they bought me to Krabi for my birthday (Read it here). immahappygirl

I shall start taking photo of my #likeaboss legs trip photo, due to we missed a flight before now we will be at airport earlier 3-4hours before our boarding hour. I will just get myself comfy while waiting and make it like home by sitting anyway I want! LOL sometime I lean my legs onto my luggage or just put my legs on the chairs, so if you saw me with a ugly sitting posture please don't mind. hahahah

Onboard while waiting for take off.

I love how it look like on top all the fluffy cloud, but now all this look so terror after so many plane were crashed this year.

We got off plane and went checking in our hotel, fyi Bkk hotel are everywhere and they have pretty cheap hotel room with wifi and stuff which is good enough. If you want affordable and good hotel room you can try your luck at Pratunam street which located near Platinum Mall.

Wall of Platinum Mall with colors tape art, dont you think it is really pretty. 

After checking and settle down our luggage and burden, we shall have our lunch/brunch at dad favorite also Sis bf at "Sabx2 Wanton Noodles" or "SabSab Pratunam Wanton Noodles" It located near Platinum Mall, all the way you go into Pratunam wholesale street.

Their Wanton noodle portion is like only 2-3bites Probably 1 bites for big mouth eater and it cost us around 50baht (MYR5) per bowl, which is quite pricey for us since we could get a normal portion in Malaysia for that price. You can order big bowl but it make not much different thou. They have dry and also soup one and I always ate the dry one because I think dry one better.

The noodles is really nice but a bit too oily, as for the taste is really nice one. If you want it too be more salty or more spicy you can just add in yourself because in Thailand they will have salt, MSG, pepper, chilies flakes and other seasoning on every table. For me I think worth a try since you travel so far away we must try everything.

This trip I didn't took much photo because I was here to eat and SHOP!! So most of the time the camera was inside my bag. hahaha Anyway, this is the photo of "Sabx2" shop look like; and if you're not a noodle person they have pork trotter rice and it is as delicious as their noodles.  Photo Credit to Daniel Food Diary ;

In case you couldn't get your way there, here the address;

SabX2 Pratunam Wanton Noodles
4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19, Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand, Tel +66 2 653 9618
Opening Hours: 9am – 4pm Daily (Make sure you come early)

When sun go down, we shall we have our dinner! But we're not that familiar with the place and we didn't hire any tour guide since Bkk is quite easy and convenient to travel around. So we decided to just hop onto any tuktuk or cab and ask them what to eat and what nice or famous to eat nearby and thing go as expected! Never ever trust tuktuk or cab driver unless you really are lucky to meet a good one, normally those young driver are those you shouldn't be trusting.

The tuktuk bought us to some high-end atas place angmo tourist-like seafood restaurant, how can you trust a restaurant like that cook good fresh stuff!? It look like selling environment more than foods. So we resqueted the tuktuk to bring us go somewhere else and he was first ignored us and asked us to just eat here and stuff good! WTF! It is not the food is good it is because if we eating there you will get your furking commission from the restaurant. Do we look like stupid to you?

Anyway after few quarrel they decide to bring us somewhere else which is also expensive and so so restaurant. We were tired of search other places so we just ate there. But it is wasn't that bad actually just the portion are quite small.

Traveling around can be more tired than you go gym.

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