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Black Sugar Yummy!

Spot the different!? It is Natta Cosme new packaging from the classic box into a full black box. As I always mention I love to keep boxes -_- this is why I have the old and the new boxes. My house will be full of box in the future! LOL

Here is what inside the box; Something from Natta Cosme, Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish 60g & Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask. Klairs product are origin from Korean and most ladies trust Korean product included me, this is because Korean drama ladies are always pretty with flawless skin. LOL!

A very close up of the small jar of Klairs Facial Polish; although it is a Korea product but the description are in duo languages so no worries. One thing I forgot to mention Natta Cosme wrapped fragile/glass product with bubbles wrap so no worry your stuff reach you broken into pieces.

It have a protective lid after you twist open the cap, and this one think I don't understand why don't they put in a scoop/spoon/scrapper/spatula or whatever it call. I really hate when i have to scoop cream/gel/scrub whatever liquid or gel or cream foam stuff with my fingers because it will go into my fingernails!! WHYYYY~

This is how it look like and the color of the Black sugar scrub not black it is brown, the color and the look once I open quite appetizing! hahah I'm serious it make me feel like having cake for 10 seconds, the scent just normal with a little of sugary scent but after that the sugary scent wasn't there anymore after I start using it. To be true on my review; after the sugary scent goon it have this oily scent which make me think for few weeks and I dont get it what smell it is, I only recognize it just now after thinking how to describe the smell. But no worries it wasn't strong oil scent just not that strong.

See this is what I said I have to scoop it out with my finger every time I wanna use it how disturbing. You can see clearly the texture here are slightly sandy because it is a scrub so it made to be sandy. Okay whatthehellstupidme who don't know it is sandy for scrub! hahaha

Ingredients in the Black Sugar Facial Polish;
Black Sugar; Effectively remove dead skin and wastes within pores.Giving your's skin natural gloss while preventing it from drying up.

Cranberry Oil; Helping yours skin from AGING! and supple

Shea Butter; Relief everything from dry skin to many Minordermatological diseases.

Vitamin E; To keep your skin supple and flexibility

Andiroba Oil; It have anti-inflammatory properties

Other than the ingredients is good for your skin, this product never done any "Animal Test"
Features of Klairs

- Instant moisture.
- Skin flexibility.
- Anti-aging treatment.
- Relief from minor dermatologist problems.
- To exfoliate dead skin cells.
- To remove blackheads and whiteheads while preventing new ones.
- To remove and treat flaking dry skin.
Weight; 60g
Price; RM79  RM63.20 @ Natta Cosme

Here how it look like on our skin; Still look yummy! make me craving for sweet dessert. You can see the second picture the crystallize beads very clear.

Instruction on how to use Klairs scrub; Remember don't add water into the scrub. I always scrub my face evenly and long because I always thought the longer I scrub the more dirt and death cell will scrubbed off clean. The Black Sugar scrub beads dissolve slowly while I scrub and it actually turn to slightly oily cleanse or matte? do we even use matte to describe, ermm somehow the same feel just hard to describe.

I have not yet tried the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask, I have too many mask and everytime my masks was in the box till it expired. This is because too many mask -_-"

My personal opinion/review;

After I used it my skin do feel smoother ant soft but somehow the pores wasn't really clean all of it eventhou I purposely rub more on the nose part. **Sorry no photo of before and after because it doesn't look clear the different almost can't be seen you have to touch it and feel it yourself to see the different. As my previous post Review I had mention after scrub my skin will feel tense and dry but Klair's Scrub will not dry and tense and it make my skin moisture. Last time my skin will turn red and painful after scrub, especially between mouth and nose but Klair's scrub doesn't have the problem.

As for the scent of Klair's scrub yes it is a little bit sweet but only the first to second use after that it will turn to some kind of oil scent but not those strong cooking oil scent. I accidentally tasted the scrub -_- I didn't purposely lick the scrub or put into my mouth it is while Im scrubbing it dripped into my mouth which touch my tongue and guess what, the scrub is sweet even in taste! LOL I can't confirm it is exactly those Black Sugar sweet because I was so nervous worrying I might swallow some so I split it out on the next second. Or maybe just my own imagination of the scrub to be sweet. hahahaha

Anyway this is really a good products and worth buying if you have the dry and bad pores problems. You can purchase it at;

Natta Cosme Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish 60g
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