Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Why Miam Miam!?

Me and my girlfriends are quite randombitches which we will just randomly out for dinner on a random date, so here one out of our want-to-eat list, Miam Miam ; A French Japanese Artisanal Cafe, Crafted with Japanese Precision and Embodying French Perfection. They first open in Penang and then came into KL, One Utama.

Anyway, Im gonna write my own opinion and my very own review, it will not be a good one because I don't really had a very great dinner as I expected. This is their shop unique interior and comfortable, this is the only marks gaining thing I could say.

They have a very big menu, menu design look great and the foods inside really tempting so I was expecting for superb delicious foods to be serve. I just love fonts, am trying to express how much I love their menu design.

Table with forks knife spoon, we were seated next to the kitchen so we can actually see what happen inside and the chef fighting to finish all dishes. No ears picking or gold digger in the kitchen nor butt scratches, clean. 

The crowd and environment; full house and most of the customers are family. We could see the waiter/waitress walk here and there serving foods cleaning up table serving in new customers and restless worker.

We didn't order any beverage due to their price are a bit pricey and they serve free drinking water. Foods come first selfie come later! SO HUNGRY!! Rule #1 of blogging never blog foods post when you're hungry. ==

#1 - Riz Au Curry

It look so nice but just so so, is like cheese baked rice with curry, the ingredient inside is really simple brocolli, eggs and hotdog for RM26.80. I think it doesn't worth to pay RM26.80 for this, I prefer paying it to KG for their cheese baked rice than this.

#2 - Riz Noir

Their foods just look so good and only by looking it make you drooling around but not really good as what I read from online review. This quite salty and  really oily, the rice taste like normal fried rice which you can eat at hawker centre for Rm5-8. But the prawns and squids consider big and it have 2-3pieces each in this small pot/bowl. You can see how oily it is from the picture, the rice shine! LOL

This cost us ; RM28.80

#3 - Souffle De Nuage

If you plan to eat this please be patient it might take sometime to prepare it, by the time this came 3 of us already half full. This is one of the high expectation to us, we expect it to surprise us after what we ate 2 of the Riz dish. It might look big but actually it not that big portion, everything is come in small but quite filling.

The look did surprise us but not the taste, this is salted souffle the outer baked part quite nice but inside not much people can accept it I'm fine with it but not my girls. Underneath the foam are fried rice same so so with very very normal ingredient like hotdog and it is quite salty and oily as well. This cost us RM28.80 and we are too full to finish it up.

Even Im full I will never leave foods on my plate I will try to finish it unless it taste like trash can, Idontlikefoodswasting. We share 3 dishes and 2 desserts, we are extremely full and couldn't finish the last meal and dessert leave some unsettle. After the meal we couldn't rest before we get out dessert, the waiter just rushed the dessert to us together with the 3rd plate and making our dessert melted after we done eating out main.
A picture before we done our main and right after the staff put on our table, fyi we didnt request to serve it yet and due to it is in a mall so they close time is same as the mall. If so why do they have to ask us do the dessert serve after or before the meal since you don't even allow us time to rest. We know that you're going to close but at least we still have like 30minutes more before closing.

I went to a lot of cafe restaurant and eat till they close but none of them will be like this they will wait us patiently and clean up other thing. They will not purposely rush us or pressure us, for the billing one I can understand but rushing us while we're eating no.

#4 - Apple Gradola Pancake

Seriously nothing to shout about, the pancake not soft it is somehow hard like bread skin or harder. The yogurt/sorbet ice-cream melted very fast due to they served us while we haven done eating our main. The only eatable was the apple, opss you dont need to cook apple for this dessert! *cold-joke

This ice-cream apple on break skin cost us; RM19.80

#5 - Matcha Souffle

This obvious is a souffle nothing shout about it, cause it is cold not hot when we start to eat. We dont like it maybe just not our kind of foods. The outer part is ok ok so so inner part is soft really soft like baby foods. FYI we didn't finish the dessert because already full and not really nice. We just expected too much from here and Overrated food review.

This spongy dessert; RM16.80, I guess the boss is a superstitious Chinese boss because all the price is 80cents and not 90cents. hahahah

This how the Souffle look like after we wanna start eating. So remember to digging once it served.

And the bill came in total damage RM140.40 with service charge and taxes. Three person Three meals and Two desserts cause us hundred plus not worty at all the food and the service not as expected, prices are quite expensive probably cause located in a Mall.

I will not come for second time like serious, their foods disappoint me. RM140 we could go for Korean BBQ for 4-5 people.

Miam Mian located inside One Utama Mall or 1U Mall, near TGIF very easy to see.

Selfie after dinner, let's compare!! Photo capture using TR Casio;

Capture using ZR Casio with flash; What do you think!?
After dinner three ladies went for some light drink and it is my first time going bar with only ladies without and guy with us! LOL. This is no longer my type of life, I used to go club till 5am last time and now 12am is my max and I feel sleepy at 10-11pm. I was once called by all my friends Clubbing Queen or the un-drunk queen or tanker, because I club almost every week once or twice and I could drink anything and not getting my drunk or vomit or I shall said no one even saw me really drunk even my best girlfriend who always drink with me didnt see before and I will not let her see so. HAHAHAHA

As I remember I had a hangover was my 21st birthday and I just vomitted a bit and sleep, no chaos or anything happen I can still say goodbye to every friends, hug them, send them away and still remember what happen. LOL!


Sharon Lee said...

I went there too and their food is really taste okay! haha

MsCarolineLzt said...

3 of us also dont like it not really nice, main and dessert also not really nice. too oily and salty.

their ingredient in it is hotdog eggs for rm25 above not worth for those ingredient.