Monday, October 27, 2014


Hanare Treat

Weekend is here and wanna treat yourself something good?! Here where I will recommend you(if you like sashimi or Japanese foods) it might be pricey but once in awhile treat yourself something good. Why weekend not weekdays, because their buffet only available on weekend (Every Saturday-Sunday, 12 Noon to 2.30PM).

Hanare Authentic Japanese Cuisine. 

This is how inside look, like normal buffet restaurant you can see what those chef do with your foods. The space was quite limited not really big and not much tables, so remember call for reservation before you go. FYI if you have big family or friends gathering you could get the room they have 1 or 2 separate space for group dining.

ILOVEHOTMACHA!! I seldom drink cold drink especially when it come to tea beverages, I prefer hot. But don't drank too much, you might filled you stomach with only tea and it will be a big waste later.

Did I mention before I love soup, doesn't matter what kind of soup I will drink finish it but not cream soup. Soup as appetizer, their miso soup really nice!

Look at those foods served on my table, fyi this is a self-service buffet not ala carte or menu ordering. So walk around and get your own foods don't be lazy.

I used to love Japanese cuisine, I always go for it everytime I having a date with my bf. Not that I don't like it now just not so crazy about it, but I still love raw sashimi!! My bf always said I eat like a man I can put in digusting foods or terrifying looking foods into my mouth, because he don't really eat raw foods he always said Im dummy because I ate too much sashimi and worm ate my brain. hahahaha I love raw foods Ebi Salmon Maguro fresh oyster cockles live octopus, owh I even ate worm at China and I still think it taste so good and juicy!

Anyway, come back to Hanare.
You just can't stop me from eating all those sashimi!! OMG *drool* Their sashimi are so OMG!34986234553 FRESH!! You can ask for which part of sashimi you want, if the sushi chef is in a good mood. The sushi chef is a Japanese old man with a very kind look and one thing I know he is really strict with the foods he manage. The plate placed there are all steamed/washed with hot temp so it is warm, when I pass it to the chef he actually scolded the helper for placing warm plate there for sashimi. The hot temperature will spoil the freshest of the sashimi, so he place most of the plate to the ice and change a cooler plate to put on my sashimi and he is really good to give me salmon belly even I didn't ask for. *thumb up*

I tried before once raw prawn at other Japanese restaurant and it taste so fishy but Hanare's raw prawn won't, it is sweet fresh if you get what I mean.

As I mention I love raw foods and oyster is one of the MUST TRY!! They open the oyster right in front you and you can still see the oyster is still moving. It might not as big as those you ate outside but it is really fresh!! You have to be fast to grab more.

One thing I dislike is they don't have much variety on foods, if compare to other buffet restaurant. 

I read thru few blog reviewing saying must try their chicken boxing or boxing chicken they call?? Anyway, tried and nothing to shout out. Just normal normal, not special and their tempura just so so.

Chawanmushi or steamed egg custard, not bad and not very very nice. This you have to get it from the waiter, they don't just put there for us to get it.

Here the teppayaki stove, where you pick stuff you want and hand it over to the waiter standing there. Not much to choose either only salmon prawn wagyu beef scallop and i forget what else. LOL *FYI don't touch the veggie, my friend was trying to get some veggies and the waiter stopped him and we have no idea why. Most probably they will serve us veggie even we don't pick it?? No idea

Wagyu beef!! It is so nice I just can't stop myself and keep on stucking it into my mouth even Im super full. Btw I wasn't suppose to eat beef because Im pray Guan Yin Ma. Im sorry but it is so nice!

The others; Salmon, prawn & scallop, the yellow sauce I think it might be mayonise so I didn't dip much. The scallop is so so so so NICE! We keep on refilling the wagyu beef and scallop.

We were to full to continue after I think around 2-3rounds? or maybe 4 rounds, but you know what people always said we have another stomach for desserts. Dessert that day was Green tea ice cream and black sesame ice cream. I love both, black sesame really nice and green tea is slightly sweeter than black sesame.

If you really going Hanare you won't wanna miss their green tea pudding, I hope they selling it outside so I could eat it everyday. Really nice!! smooth and not too sweet. Those are brown sugar or caramel, Okay I love to eat but I can't differentiate whether it is a caramel or brown sugar. ==

Okay I really forget what is this but I know it taste good too cause I finish it up. Pumpkins cake? Sweet potatoes cake? either one should be correct.

Cheese cake; the cheese cake still taste good eventhou places quite long at there and the crumb started hmmm how do you describe? ermmm just you will know when you ate something which not freshly made. It still taste good and cheesy. 

When the bill come, don't be surprise. You should expected it when you decided to come for a good Japanese restaurant which serve fresh sashimi. Pocket pain and your heart will be 100 times more pain. hahaha

Price per head, RM148 excluded government tax 6% and service charge 10%

Overall I definitely come back if their price decrease hahahah, too expensive but really a good place to enjoy fresh Japanese foods. Service are good you, only that they keep away my dirty plate and didn't replace a new one for me till I ask for it. Foods really fresh but not much variety to choose.
I will recommend my reader(if you're a Japanese cuisine lover) to brunch there at least once, treat yourself better. If you don't think it is worth to go for buffet than you can go on other days or times for ala carte menu.

Location ; It is inside The Intermark Mall

Ground Floor,
348 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Call for Reservation ; 603-2164 2133 or Email for reservation

OOTD ; Outfit of that day

White spaghetti top : Kitschen (but no longer selling, went back last Saturday to get more they stop produce)
Outer denim top : Leneys - Local online store (I bought it quite long ago, their stuff really nice and good quality)
High waist Scallop cut short : La.Sista Collection - Local online store (online store belong to someone I know, their stuff are pretty good quality)


henry tan said...

wow 150++ really quite pricey! need to wait bonus or what then only can treat myself there! haha

MsCarolineLzt said...

hahah! ya quite pricey but once in awhile okay, dont often if not makan rumput