Saturday, October 11, 2014



Hey, Im back (although Im back for quite long) from my trips my boy and bff trips. I didn't have the time to update my blog too many workload at the office and remember, my laptop was death till now it is still not done yet. Anyone wanna sponsor me a nice and good laptop? without my laptop I couldn't do anything at home like storing all my photo or sync my phone to my laptop and stuff.

Anyway, trying my best to get myself some time to update food and trip I ate and went. The trips was great and not enough for us, really happy I knew you guys back then. We are not childhood friends we are not going to the same school or colleges, stay far from each other and not working together. The only reason I got to know them thanks to my best gf, Sarah I know her since primary and this gang are her secondary plus college friends.
Am Happy to meet them, even bf think they are really nice. He never worries when Im with them.

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