Monday, October 20, 2014


Shopaholic In Action

Today is a busy day!! Senior on leave and another colleague resigned!! One person run 3 computer 2 machine!! Head also pain tired dizzy, even lunch I have to eat at my table!!

But this arrived at my doorstep make me a happy girl again.

All the way from Taiwan;

I been looking at their clothes for sometime but not dare to purchase any due to their price are slightly higher than other online store and photo are those magazine kind of photo. Typical online-shopper problem, I always worry stuff I bought from online look different from what I see on screen.

Especially you pay for premium price and get cheap imitation stuff, I really hate it.

I'm quite lucky that they having a 1day 50% off promo!! And I bought few pieces which I been wishlisted!! How lucky am iiii there's one piece which really cheap after the 50% off. 

And the stuff I get hmmm....... Shall make it a secret for now what I bought and the quality I get. Can't wait to wear it now!! 

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