Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Game Outfit

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If you followed me for sometime you might know I don't do fashion post because Im not really a fashionista but a shopaholic. I always wanted to do some serious fashion blogging but end up all ruin. Anyway some normal OOTD post I can still handle it.

Here are two style I mix & matched for a game day; Baseball game. In my country (Malaysia) we seldom got baseball game. Even in my primary and Secondary or College we doesnt have baseball society and idk why. Im a sport freak which I play every sport and any sport, at least I try even I dont know but just baseball I find no where to learn.

Although baseball is not a famous or favorite sport in our country but our people are so into baseball fashion like;
all these baseball inspired top outfit and stuff.

So here I am to challenge myself to do a game look with a baseball hat from Fanatics.com; I choose a beanie Snowburst Cuffed Hat with Pom of team; Seattle Mariners

And here how I style it for the game day!! Im not sure about other country, Malaysia doesn't have winter with snow or cold wind but all day long hot ans sunny day. If you're in a game it will be crowded and hot so we shall go light and no make up;

Wear your favorite spec, comfy crop tee and a lazy/harem pant matching a canvas slip-on shoe. Remember put on your watch you dont wanna miss your game. Bring a small bagpack to pack yourself some soda and snack!! Sporty dweeb chick look attractive; I matched the attire with green, black and aztec/floral pattern and they go really good together.

Here another version same Im using the beanie Snowburst Cuffed Hat with Pom of team; Seattle Mariners, but this time another kind of look. This one doesnt really suit Malaysian as I said Malaysia are hot and sunny 365days year.

Still it gonna be light so you can comfortablely enjoy your game and look sporty at the same time, you know how guy hate to go watch a game match with "lady". Put on your favorite windbreaker and match it with a leather skater and tuck in your sport/running shoe you are ready for your windy game match. If you think it is too plain just go like this put on a sporty watch and a drawstring bag to put in your drinks & snacks.

Know why I choosen that beanie instead a cap? Because cap just too too mainstream, everyone wearing a cap, and I feel cap are more cool and fierce kind of style but beanie are cute and feel petite plus mostly guy like cute petite girls. And I love the navy blue/green color!! The furball on top look so cute. hahah

Hope you like the mix & match attire for your game day!! We lady can go for a game and look cute too.

Btw if you're interested to get the beanie hat or any other baseball attire, including MLB hats you might want to browse this website; http://www.fanatics.com/ and to get the beanie I styled above here the link (click in). Fanatics Facebook link HERE.

They do have other sport apparel and mechandise!! Do check their website for your favorite team mechandise.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Road Tax Sticker

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I always finding for my favorite road tax sticker that's why I hardly change my road tax sticker. The current on I'm using bought by my brother was a Pucca in slightly pink color one and I don't really like it, I was searching for Ultraman in Red but couldn't get it.

Anyway recently I saw this on internet; Personalised road tax sticker! Yes personalised mean customizing your own road tax sticker so no more ugly or disliking cartoon displaying on your windscreen. Your road tax will be the one and only in the world.

You can put in any photo you like and put on your own messages on top of the photo. The other side will be as seen on the photo as "We remind you of your loved ones".

You could put your family or friends photo on it or your pet if your love your pet so much. Or you can put in your bf/gf photo on it so you can see her/him anywhere anytime you're driving. If most of the time your will be inside your car especially for outdoor salesperson this really a good reminder of safety for you.

Where to get this? If you read my blog you will know I did a review about the Malaysia Military Tag - Read more before and there's where you can get your personalized road tax done.

And here is mine personalized roadtax; I struggling which photo should I put on it cause only 1 photo only then I came up with this collage idea (greedy people turn smart) hahahah! Me and my bf photo, Family photo and my friends groupfie. Dont ask why my bf have the biggest part.

No idea on what message should I put on; so a small reminder and a big life saver I think.
"Stop texting & drive safe, If you care about them"

Quality of the printing is really nice and clear. The roadtax will be slightly thick because of the photo in it. They are really efficient so no worry about delay posting. Some seller or online store if you are buying small item/voucher product they will just use normal envolope posting but MMT use registered posting.

More details on their website; As I said they sell other stuff like Military tag, boot, watches, paracord bracelet and etc etc.

Location @ Malacca
Contact; 012-606 3247

Official website; Malaysia Military Tag

Get yours very own Road Tax at Here (Personalized Car Road Tax Sticker)