Thursday, December 18, 2014

Eat like a Panda!

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Had you ever feel lazy on weekends?! Lazy to cook or walking out for foods!? If your answer is YES you should continue reading this. I always having the laziness of waking up for foods or to cook for myself or driving out for a meal. I always wanna wake up and the foods will serve right in front of my eyes. But of course this will never happen, breakfast on bed are only in either fairy tales or movie, because I don't wish my bed smell like BBQ or egg benedict.

But to easy yourself and have foods serve right in front your doorstep without you waking up early making yourself or your families breakfast, after meal have to wash all the dishes, this is going to happen and very easy too.

I actually knew this for quite sometime and never have the chance to try it. Everything happen very easy like easy easy, ordering and pay then delivered to me. I had my foods delivered mostly fast foods because I only see fast foods restaurant having delivery services or homemade dinner but mostly come in area and my area always not existing in the list of delivery.

Anyway stopping all the crap here, straight to the point. I finally got the chance to try out this service from a app I saw on Facebook call; FoodPanda, it is a app which you can order your food and they will deliver to you at the time you selected. Here what I order thru foodpanda;

I actually order it earlier and set it to be deliver on last Saturday which the time I finish working(1:30pm) and estimated I reach my house so I could have my lunch without waiting. Know what?! They reach by my house 1:15pm I was walking into my house lucky someone at home. They even called me earlier to confirm my delivery time.

My Foods!! Yes they deliver Sakae Sushi and many more other restaurant nearby your area. Thanks for the hardwork sending my food to me by motorcycle under the super hot sun, the fella was rain with sweat.

How foodpanda work; Search your area, choose restaurant/foods your want, pay by card/cash (COD) and wait for it to be deliver.

Step by Step;

Firstly you can either do it using your desktop/laptop or smartphone/tablet, go to their website or download the app for smartphone/tablet user. As for me I prefer app on smartphone cause I can order anywhere I am but I couldn't find any Pre-ordering button so I have to use desktop to pre-order my foods.

Click into the website/app and you will see the "Choose your location and enjoy" column, choose your area and district. *I covered my district, to public to reveal. Always be extra careful with personal details on internet*

Fill your area and you will see all the restaurant nearby your area and you can start browsing thru each and every restaurant menu easily. They have Sakae Sushi, TGIF, Tang Shi Fu, A&W, Starbuck, Wendy's, & many many many more to choose. They even have Secret Recipe, this make surprise birthday party easier you can just order it and surprise your birthday girl/guy without worries or rushing in and out for cake cause they will come to you.

After choose the restaurant of your choice start choosing your foods! Best part and the most hardest part too because you will feel like ordering everything one the menu! Their menu are clear with photo and details, the green with a tick is mean you had already order. You can change the quantity for meal you choose.

Lastly after adding all the foods into your basket, press place order and if you have any voucher code you can use it. Total amount are included tax, service and delivery fee. You can pay in advance or COD (Cash On Delivery), I prefer COD. Then wait for your food, remember it take 1 hour time for them to prepare and delivery to your house. I suggest user to do pre-ordering.

See this fella happily eating his breakfast right after wake up and don't have to clean up the dishes. Either you throw it or you cycle it. But I reusing it since some container are really useful.

Yay and Nay;

Yay; It make thing easier, which I don't have to drive out for my lunch or dinner after works (tiring) and they do COD. A plus marks for them cause they have the Pre-ordering services which whenever I have event or birthday party coming I could order the foods and get it on time. Their services was good, I have small problem while ordering for my foods and I contacted them thru email and they reply very fast and politely. They even SMS to inform me of my order and called me before they send the foods over. Best about foodpanda is there are many restaurant to choose from; Western to Chinese to Indian to fast foods and more!!

Nay; The way they pack their foods using restaurant plastic bag and the gravy spill off making mess. Phone app couldn't find the pre-order button. The food reach us cold not warm anymore.

Services are really good and polite, just the ordering part where I got small problem with and they helped me really quick. If you wanna know more about foodpanda do go to their website to understand more about their services.

Official website :
Facebook page : Foodpanda Malaysia
Twitter page : @foodpanda_MY

More details or to understand more contact them here:

Contact :1-300-800-262

Download the foodpanda app into your smartphone now for easy access;

Foodpanda top brands and you can get cash back if you're Alliance Bank user, this promo started already till next year 2015 March.

Signing off by ; MsCarolineLzt blogger of the Butterfly Project Malaysia

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Are You a Donor?

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Sorry for lack off blogging being quite busy and helping out my sis on her stuff. Since I'm waiting for Dar to fetch me I have nothing to do and I was searching on Internet benefit of donating blood.

I'm searching it doesn't mean I'm stupid or don't know, I'm been a donor for few years. I'm search just to see what else of the benefit that can convince more people to join me into donating blood since it is for good and help people.

Many friends whose I asked to join me be a donor always gave me lame excuses or just ignore me. Most famous excuse; I'm afraid of needle/pain or I'm busy couldn't make it. Seriously!? just lie me that you have a period I will believe you even you lying, opss men don't period. Hahaha

Anyway, I don't understand why are you so scare of needle it just small medal almost can't see. Needle poke is like Mosquitos bite and that's all you can feel. To be truth the first time I went for blood donat because I wanna know what type of blood am I, to get an experience and  because they have attractive lucky draw with bring hampers, hardisk, pendrive an many more (my first blood was at my campus). 

After I knew I'm having O blood, it become my every 3-4months routine, because I have a kind blood. Unless my period came or I'm sick. Until now I will still go for blood donation if I saw any ongoing event.

Tomorrow there will a blood donate campaign in Sunway Pyramid and I'm gonna go, will you go too?

Who can donate;

-Age 18-60 years old.
-Above 45kgs.
-Healthy and not sick or with disease history.
-Last donate was 3months ago.
-Sleep more than 5 hours and have your meal before donating.

You can't;

-Under medication or antibiotic.
-Cold/fever past 1week.
-Vaccine or taken alcohol within 24hpurs.
-Major surgery, tattoo, piercing in pass 6months.
-Had fainting attack during last donate.
-Had different sex partners.
-Had history of drug addict.
-Visit dental within 72hours

Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Gift

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First day of Chirstmas month! not to say Im overly excited but you know what people said Christmas is a magic day, when we feel warm with all the Christmas Carol playing around the neighbourhood. Im not a Christian so my family dont really celebrate Christmas and it is another holiday for us so we dont really do present exchange nor turkey as dinner.

But I really love Christmas because all those song and Christmas deco is so so cute, pretty and you just by looking at it you can feel happy. Most important I love the present exchange ceremony! hahaha But I never really did receive a surprise Christmas present. Only once with my man and no surprise cause he bought me to Braun buffel and let me choose my own wallet and I actually let himself to decide what present he want.

Btw did everyone have the same problem I faced? Couldn't find or think of what to buy for Christmas? Or stuff might go quite pricey. Then I found shopping online can save many and I always go for Lazada and Zalora because you can find anything and everything you want, most important you wont have to spend too much on it. In addition if you go to iPrice Coupons and by just a click you could get yourself another additional discount or offer.
Do check out iPrice before you head over for cyber-shopping, you dont wanna missed out any of the offer they offering. Just with a click you will get either code or voucher for an additional discount.