Saturday, December 13, 2014


Are You a Donor?

Sorry for lack off blogging being quite busy and helping out my sis on her stuff. Since I'm waiting for Dar to fetch me I have nothing to do and I was searching on Internet benefit of donating blood.

I'm searching it doesn't mean I'm stupid or don't know, I'm been a donor for few years. I'm search just to see what else of the benefit that can convince more people to join me into donating blood since it is for good and help people.

Many friends whose I asked to join me be a donor always gave me lame excuses or just ignore me. Most famous excuse; I'm afraid of needle/pain or I'm busy couldn't make it. Seriously!? just lie me that you have a period I will believe you even you lying, opss men don't period. Hahaha

Anyway, I don't understand why are you so scare of needle it just small medal almost can't see. Needle poke is like Mosquitos bite and that's all you can feel. To be truth the first time I went for blood donat because I wanna know what type of blood am I, to get an experience and  because they have attractive lucky draw with bring hampers, hardisk, pendrive an many more (my first blood was at my campus). 

After I knew I'm having O blood, it become my every 3-4months routine, because I have a kind blood. Unless my period came or I'm sick. Until now I will still go for blood donation if I saw any ongoing event.

Tomorrow there will a blood donate campaign in Sunway Pyramid and I'm gonna go, will you go too?

Who can donate;

-Age 18-60 years old.
-Above 45kgs.
-Healthy and not sick or with disease history.
-Last donate was 3months ago.
-Sleep more than 5 hours and have your meal before donating.

You can't;

-Under medication or antibiotic.
-Cold/fever past 1week.
-Vaccine or taken alcohol within 24hpurs.
-Major surgery, tattoo, piercing in pass 6months.
-Had fainting attack during last donate.
-Had different sex partners.
-Had history of drug addict.
-Visit dental within 72hours

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