Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tripda - Carpool

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Recently Tripda have been a hit me myself haven really tried yet I just can't get the right offer I want, anyway will still try to get myself a try on searching it again. Since it is something new at here and it actually help us our and also environment friendly.

You don't know what is Tripda!? Like serious? Many blogger been talking about it and people been sharing it on social network. Okay let me summarise it short and quick;

-Friendly platform for you to meet other people.
-Get you ride to the destination you want by carpooling.
-Save travel/transportation cost.
-Environmentally friendly
-Meeting new friends
-Most important you don't have to drive!!!

Okay till here which part you don't understand? Okay see how it really work with picture this time;

Go to the website/page here; and login using your Facebook and remember choose your country.

Or use you smart phone for since it is more easier and convenient, go download Tripda app; For Android user Play Store - Tripda and for Apple user Apps Store - Tripda.

Then Click into Offer/Find a ride then start searching by insert you area, destination and also the date then wait for the list to come out.

After choosing everything you will be at page like this; All the available offer will be there. You can even filter your preference for easy to choose out of so many offer.

Choose your ride and click in you will see all the details stated by the driver, eg; Price, no smoking, no eating, no pets and etc etc.

For ladies who wanna carpool but worry or doesn't want to sit stranger male driver no worry you can find for the pink Ladies Only logo. Same goes to lady driver who prefer lady carpooler always remember to put in the pink logo. 

Lastly select your ride and book then wait for your ride and meet new friend.

Is my explanation and the picture make you clear about Tripda works? If you still don't understand here a diagram for you;

Login with Facebook > Offer or find a ride > Select route & preferences > Enjoy your ride > Rate & review (This are optional, but give people good review la after you ride in people car)
And why we should support carpool; Many reason we should support carpool, I personally like car pool with my friends. Firstly save transportation cost then we can save time by finding for carpark space and also lesser vehicle lesser environment damage, carpooling really environmentally friendly. Most important carpool actually can help you get better in knowing each other with your friends you will be talking nonstop in the journey and also you don't have to drive everytime you, just take turn to drive; especially for people who always drive long journey to work or going back hometown or maybe a short getaway trip.

So what do you think about carpool?! Let's share what your thought.

Didn't try before Tripda but I still have my own #Carpoolfie with my friends! This is how much fun you can get talking and nonstop selfie!! hahaha
For more info or detail or their new update or maybe you can firstly knew few of the top driver in Tripda thru below platform;

Tripda Facebook page:
Tripda instagram + twitter handle: @TripdaMY for both


Monday, January 26, 2015

ENCHANTEUR – Journey of Love

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I believe many people know this brand " Enchantuer " ; with their range of fine quality French-inspired fragrances and fragrance-enhanced toiletries for the young, romantic and elegant female. Do continue reading this and it might bring you some lucky for you and your loved one. 
Firstly let me apologize to all reader Im a bit late for this post but I hope you guys still able to join the contest.

ENCANTEUR having a contest which allow you to share your "Journey of Love" with them and everyone, it is not only sharing your story but providing a opportunity to win attractive prizes for you loved one. The contest entry is really easy; just few step and you are in the run. All you do is tell them your love story in a 6 photos video and submit.

The Grand Prize is a GoPro Hero 4 Action Camera and for the consolation prizes are ENCHANTEUR products! There are also weekly mystery gifts for the most voted entry! The contest period is from 12th December 2014 till 1st February 2015(this is why I apologize for, once again Im sorry). Do join now!! Cause you have less than 1 week time or you have only 6 days only to join the (Journey of Love) contest!!

For more information or to enter the contest, log on to

Of course me myself have joined the contest, I been wanted to get myself a GoPro and my bf wanted to buy for me this Valentine but then it is quite pricey so told him not to buy it!! *fingers crossed* Hope I get it and also wishing other who joined win too. Good lucky everyone and congrats to those weekly winner.

I actually have few products from ENCHANTEUR shall I do my first little giveaways?! Yay or Nay!?

Do vote for me.

For more info do go to their page ;

And stay tune I might giving away few pieces of their product at my blog.

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Party Of The Century @ Empire City

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The Picture say all ; "The Party Of The Century" by invited only. If you are curious about this party it is actually;
A new city is emerging on Damansara’s prime spot and for the first time, VIPs and guests from around the world will be invited to preview a fully completed area within Empire City at the Party of the Century. (I heard from other that Empire building really nice, idk about it cause I seldom go to that area)

The City of Lifestyle and Entertainment will be unravelled as guests enter the Party of the Century's venue and are transported back in time to the glamorous 1920's. (Party theme The Glamorous 1920's or The Great Gatsby set) The space will be transformed to deliver a star-studded celebration that will live up to its name, complete with unforgettable performances from international celebrities.

Paris Hilton (not sure will she bring her dog along, I will let you guys know. hahahah *lame joke I know*)

2AM - Korean boy band

Taboo - Black Eyed Peas

Mark Vincent - Winner of Australia's Got Talent

and....... TBC after the event.

And YES! Im invited and got my pass to attend the Glamourous 1920's party by Empire City. Im so excited about it, can't wait for it. Start counting down fellow bloggers 05 days to go and I not even prepare with my costume.

So nervous yet so excited, Im more excited with my own costume and my partner costume. How will we look like on that night.

Btw Empire City is;
another milestone in the Mammoth Empire Group's journey to push the envelope on innovation and retail masterpieces. Nestled in the heart of bustling Petaling Jaya, this new lifestyle hub is set to be Malaysia's largest tourist destination.

Thanks for the invitation from Sidney Kan - Big Boy Oven and follow them to see if they have more invitation to release end of the days.


Monday, January 5, 2015

Bye Past Hello Future

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Photo is not related to this post ; Just wanna open my post with something nice. hahahaha!

So is already 5 days on 2015 and nothing special happen, shit still happen everyday. I don't even believe in whatever "New year New life New challenge" or "New year New luck coming". I only know "New year and New shit happen".

Anyway, should I or shouldn't I do a new wishlist? Since like my previous one didn't did well. hahah! Anyhow I think money still the main success of everything. So 2015 wishlist will be CASH CASH and CASH!! End of my wishlist.

I don't understand why life have to be like this, study work dating marriage children then getting old and die. WHY! Whenever the age number increasing I feel so tired from all those bill and future planning. People around me keep on sending in red boom make me nervous, been thinking how will my marriage like or will my children look ugly as me or unlucky as me or will I stay in a low cost apartment and become maid-look alike housewife. OMG SCARY!!

Okay goodbye just a random 2015 starting post, so just ignore me. Been lacking momentum of blogging recently, tired and lazy.