Monday, January 5, 2015


Bye Past Hello Future

Photo is not related to this post ; Just wanna open my post with something nice. hahahaha!

So is already 5 days on 2015 and nothing special happen, shit still happen everyday. I don't even believe in whatever "New year New life New challenge" or "New year New luck coming". I only know "New year and New shit happen".

Anyway, should I or shouldn't I do a new wishlist? Since like my previous one didn't did well. hahah! Anyhow I think money still the main success of everything. So 2015 wishlist will be CASH CASH and CASH!! End of my wishlist.

I don't understand why life have to be like this, study work dating marriage children then getting old and die. WHY! Whenever the age number increasing I feel so tired from all those bill and future planning. People around me keep on sending in red boom make me nervous, been thinking how will my marriage like or will my children look ugly as me or unlucky as me or will I stay in a low cost apartment and become maid-look alike housewife. OMG SCARY!!

Okay goodbye just a random 2015 starting post, so just ignore me. Been lacking momentum of blogging recently, tired and lazy.

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