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95Tap8 I'm Chef

Last week I went over for a food taste of some home-cook Penang dishes, so let make it short since it is about foods it will be all foods photo.

First to serve; Famous in Penang or in Malaysia fruits rojak, one of my favour stuff. Simple ingredient fruits, mash peanuts powder and of course the main sauce. The sauce not really thick just right not too spicy or too sweet and I like the peanuts powder, I actually prefer powder than those crunch peanuts. As Malaysian the stuff in fruits rojak will be; cucumber, sengkuang, pineapple, young papaya, young green mangoes and prawn crackers but at here they put in green apple and replace crackers to Chinese oil sticks but crunchier not the soft oil stick, different kind of taste.

This plate of Penang Rojak cost RM5 only which I think quite reasonable.

Foods continue coming in; Penang Lobak (5 spice meat roll), normally it come with a thick gravy sauce but that night the sauce all finished so no sauce, but the lobak is still nice. Crunchy and not oily, the taste of the spices won't overly strong some places they make it quite oily which I dont like.

Penang Loback RM5, I eat at normal hawker stall already cost me RM7-RM9.

Hokkien Char ; Hokkien fried mee RM7.90. The special part is the chili paste, MUST TRY and dont say I didnt warn. It really spicy but quite nice, if you like spicy you will like the chili paste.

Aunty Chicken Chop; RM12.90 come with fries and salad. Simple chicken chop but taste good and something new. The chicken chop really crispy which I really really love it and for the sauce, it is not black pepper, red sauce or mushroom sauce; it is Baked beans sauce. Taste good and new, who will think of mashing the baked beans and make it into sauce. *clap clap for aunty chicken chop*

After having chicken and rich we shall have a bit of rich and fish; Three Tastes Fish 三味鱼 RM8.90 come with rice and fried egg. Why three taste? Because the sauce taste sweet, sour and spicy which really appetizing.

Last dish; Penang Mamak Mee RM7.90, more on home or aunty style mamak mee. Mamak fried noodle used to be dry, spicy and slightly scorched but here it is a bit thick, not so spicy and no scorched.  

Beverages we had Mocha Oreo ice blended RM5.50 and Eight Treasure Drinks八宝茶RM2 for hot and Rm2.30 for cold.

Fusion of Mocha with Orea cookie not bad can give a try, not too sweat just right and only RM5.50 I think most places selling it for RM7-RM9 per glass.

Eight Treasure八宝茶; Chinese traditional herb drinks come in hot or cold your choice. A bit sweet for me but it is good to drink when it is really hot weather.

Above foods are cook by Aunty Chef mother of a Malaysian actress Lim Ching Miao林静苗(miao miao). She and her mom open this cafe and bring in the taste of Penang mom home cook style into KL city.

Name of the cafe is 95tap8 I'm Chef 我是煮人, 95tap8 is actually a translate from Cantonese which mean talking none related issue or talk nonsense in a simple explaination. The cafe located in the building of Asia Tropical Film Sdn Bhd;

46, Jalan Awan Hijau,
Taman Oug, Old Klang Road,
58250 Kuala Lumpur.

Open 10am to 11pm
Tel: 03-79717113 or 011-39011201 (You can call for pre-ordering before you reach)

Concept of the cafe is actually more on home cooking and foods which you can cook yourself, real mom cooking. Miao Miao mom really nice and good she will teach you if you ask how to cook those dishes. That lady in the middle is The chef also Miao Miao mom.

Environment of the outside seats warm light, they have indoor seat too brighter area.
Their Facebook

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