Friday, February 6, 2015


Imma Big Fan of Her

Know what people always said " Haters hate" and no one really care about you. Not like I have a haters since I'm not famous anyway, I'm just a random blogger who love blog about my life. Blogging is not my full time job is just part of my hobby and I do have my big blogger idol like a real idol which I will keep on reading her blog, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or even news about her. Like those which I hope one day I might be like her but it just a hope. hahahah!

And she's the very famous Singaporean blogger XiaXue (Wendy or YenYen), who husband is a charming angmo engineer and an adorable cute baby Dash or Dashiel or BeiBei their family called.
I like this photo not because the middle fingers, err maybe a part of it la but not all  and also not the FO word on her forehead of course, is just she look good in this picture with her bright smile. hahahaha!

I am not trying to gain followers (IdontcareabouthowmuchfollowerIgot) or fans or haters or trying to offence anyone. I just read her blog about the SMRT LTD(which I won't link them but you can just google it) harassed her on social media as every XX fans or haters might know about it already. I don't really understand what make those haters hate her so much?

Did she done anything bad to you or did she really blogged or talk bad about you? Or just because she don't allow you to touch her baby so you hate her? that's just a natural act of mom to protect her baby. Or you're just jealous her with her life? Okay la who don't really jealous about her life being sponsored almost everything and a good husband plus a cute baby, but we (xx supporter) don't hate her we admired her.

Me myself admired her very much from not that outstanding lady into now. Try compare her old photo and now she transform and she didn't really did huge surgery like other actress just nose job. Please if I have the money I will sure do it too, who don't wanna be pretty don't tell me you (haters) don't, if yes you don't like being pretty/handsome then stop combing your silly hairs or try to dress to impress.

Anyway, can any of you share what make you hate her so much. I couldn't find a reason to hate her and I do really admired her. Her baby is too cute;

The way she blog and writing everything she dislike or like is how much we people like her and like reading her blog. I used to read a quite famous local Malaysian female blogger but then I stopped because of her not so nice attitude, although she look sweet and pretty but bitch please. Pass month only I know she going the same gym centre I went and what I saw is she and one of her maciam yes friend conquering the warm up area by themselves (this mean only 2 of them) just for their small cardio routine. By the word conquering mean they actually took the whole place and left no place for other to do their warm up or cool down exercise, you get what I mean?

Me and my gym partner have to like look pathetically take the mat and find ourselves a small corner to do our cool down exercises. They didn't even bother to give us half of the space but continue conquering the area even more!! I was like WTF I used to read you blog and thought you are a very sweet lady.

I also saw some other member who came and saw no place for them to warm up/cool down they just have to use the exercise machine bench to do it. While the two fake-sweet-looking-lady sitting on the bench chit chatting happy. Whatthehell happen to you brains ladies! I know this is so not related to the post but who care this my blog, I blog whatever I want.

They wasted my 30 minutes that day for just standing there waiting them to finished up their lazy workout.

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Sharon Lee said...

I love your post, haha!
I am a fan of her too, I think you are very brave to write this post and got my support!