Wednesday, February 4, 2015


The After Party Of The Century

Remember the party I mention before?? Here the after-party post. I was working late that day and reach there very late it is jam and time rushing everywhere and I reached parking at 9pm and the event start at 7pm. Feel like killing myself for reaching late and I missed all the good perform and also the arrival of the artist! SO SAD!!

Okay back to #POTC; as I mention before here Im was invited to the event as media/blogger. For those whose being invited will have the wristband to enter every floor of the building. *Love my bangle and guess what it is so cheap not gonna mention here will be doing another post later on*

This is the first look inside the building glamor right!? The building is still not fully done yet the interior is still under renovation but they already made it so glam by covering the unfinish part, decorating, lighting and stuff.  When I reach the entry it is Paris Hilton on stage just started to spin with some dancer dancing around her. Couldn't get a good shot of her but on-screen photo accept too. ahhaha

Before we continue walking we were too hungry and thristy so we just stopped by the non-vip area for some bite and drink then we walked up to the VIP area and there are foods and drinks too. My partner was attracted to the foods and he couldn't stop eating and drinking. I just bought a eating machine to a glam party.The foods are prepare by Berjaya Hospitality; everything is so nice and the organizer was great enough to prepare all kind of drinks; alcohol and non alcohol drinks. *sorry no photo too hungry*

And here how the upper deck view is; The stage and the big area in the middle is a future Olympic size ice rink and on that night it was a big dance floor.

The favour part of the building will be the glass room it make the whole event look so luxury gatsby era party. We stopped and enjoying the music while waiting any chances we could saw familiar faces and also selfie a little.

Look at the crowd behind me and the GD look alike fella. hahaha randomly wanna mention the guy look like GD.

My +1 of the name looking silly with the pink bow and vintage suspender I got him.I look my headband so much! But one of the big crystal bead fell of at the end of the event.

A candid by my boy, and I look so buff! I forced him to help me on my OOTD photo, he is still not good at photo taking. But he will be better after few times I force him hahahah.
My head to toes attire;

Guess what? Everything on me the total amount are lower than RM150, believe me or not? Will discuss this on another post. RM150 are not included my heels and watch of course. hahaha

Was supposed to be wearing accessories loan/sponsor by Kelvin Gems, but Im couldn't go over to get it before the party. Sad case to have to pass the great chance.
And my boy; The casual 1920's look.

Bowtie and suspender matched with a plain formal shirt, for bottom will be a straight jeans or a skinny fit jean together with a leather/oxford pointy shoes.

He supposed to roll up his jean but the jean he wearing is straight jean it doesn't suit for roll up style.

After tired of instructing him how to take photo, we started to walk around exploring and get ourselves a good spot for Taboo from Black Eyed Peas performance. Taboo went into the crowd and walking around lucky them.

After the performance from Taboo we ended up at the dance floor area joining the crowd for Dj Ken spin!

The party end at 12am and this is the greatest party ever. Did I mention I saw Namewee and Him Law he just passed by me; so handsome and muscular. Don't ask why did take picture.

Time passed so fast and it is end of the party everyone heading out some still standing there wishing for another round.

Let see which star performance I missed; 2AM since they the first performer of the night, Mark Vincent and Paris Hilton starting up perform; I reach half way Paris spinning.

Other than that they say Caitlin De Ville was there performaning hang at mid of the air!! Fyi she an electic violist. POTC even invited speed painter to draw some speed art, soft ballets dance for a few minutes break from the party and the 24 Season drum performance! Im once a 24Season drummer at Secondary, proudly to said Im a senior leader drummer. *smirk*

I didn't even get to take photo with the vintage car at the registration counter cause the que was so long when Im there and when the party finish the que is still long. I didnt when to the red carpet entrance I didn't know there was another entrance with so many sport car and vintage car. I should have walk out of the building, too bad I miss all the good things.

Blame the music and performancer. *just joking* Just remember I didn't have took a OOTN photo with my boy. *facepalm*

Hope they have another round for this for the official launching. hahahah and please remember to re-invite me.

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