Friday, March 6, 2015


Banh Mi - The Vietnamese Baguette

You know why Im a lifestyle blogger and not foodie blogger? Because I have no sense of food direction, I only eat and most of the food I ate was bought by friends or friends told me about it. This is my very first time discover this place by myself searching on Internet. LOL!

My friends always ask me what nice to eat at Puchong since you grown up there and my answer always the same "Idk I dont eat outside, my house just right there why do I still wasting my money eating outside." Now I wanna tell my friend there are something nice to eat near by my house. LOL

Maybe some people already knew it since it opened quite sometime, just let me write okay dont start boo-ing me.

As what my title written, Banhmi the Vietnamese baguette. Was planning to go for breakfast but were there quite late almost finish brunch hour but it is still full and we waited for 30-45mins for table. We was planning go to other places instead waiting and no one wanna layan us but lucky we did not go away.

I always the one who make decision my boy never make decision. So I order cold and a hot beverage;

Hot Cafe Sua Nong / Hot Vietnam coffee - RM3.80 for quite small cup like few sip only.

I dont really like coffee but I like the fragrance but my boy like it. It really bitter and quite nice, really kao as Chinese will said. You can choose cold coffee if you dont like hot one.

Chee Ba Ba - RM4

It look like our cendol and taste like Red Bean ice blended but with cendol in it. Really nice and suit the hot weather here, not too sweet and this is how it look like as it served. Picture is not taken half way drinking. 

I feel so greedy to order so much just because I wanna taste it.

Nuoi Suon - RM7.90 

Basically it is Pork ribs soup macaroni, Macaroni is my favorite pasta no reason just love it. This is just normal and must finish it while still hot. 

Gui Cuong - RM4

Something look like popiah but an invisible version plus it is cucumber, coriander leaf香菜, barbecued pork叉烧 and vermicelli米粉. If you just eat like this it just tasteless, but this come with some sauce and I didnt took a photo of the sauce LOL! I love this one but my boy hate it cause the coriander leaf. If you going there must try if you like coriander leaf.

Here the main reason you should que, it worth the time I dont mind going again and wait for this.

Banhmi, Vietnamese baguette. As I said Im greeedy and wanna try most of it and I choose 3 out of so many.

The one at the back Banh Mi Trung Op La ( Fried eggs) - Rm5
Front; Banh Mi Thit Heo Nuong (BBQ Ham/Pork)- RM6.80

Banh Mi Thit Hun Khoi (Bacon) - RM7
The Banh mi really nice, really a must try there. The Baguette really crispy outside and soft inside. Both the bacon and ham really nice just the fried eggs normal. You can actually order for a empty baguette only and can also come for take away if you cant get a table.

Total we ate that day, not even RM40

I will come again just for the Banhmi/Baguette or the coffee but by take away only because really hard to get a table there really crowded especially weekend. That area are full of  Vietnamese and this shop run by Vietnamese, look like Vietnamese got privilege they will first served them eventhou they came after you.

Their service are quite slow and bad. Do not expecting for cooling, big and high class restaurant cause it is just a small shop with not more than 10 tables or maybe 12 tables. People around there mostly are those beng kia(gangster) type of people. I was having my food and this fellow came in and accidentally kicked my chair and my side of table, he did not apologize still looking at me with a very cocky face!! WTF! Feel like slapping him and my boy was quite angry what he had done. My boy said even they free eat also wont go again. SUPER BAD TEMP =_=

I think is a really affordable and nice foods but not a really good environment.

They even have website!!! and they doing catering services, if you have any party or gathering going on you can call for enquiry.


I forgotten to put in the address! hhahaha Im truly sorry about this and here the address or direction to there;

21, Jalan Puteri 7/9,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor

If you're familiar with Puchong you will know where it is, just right behind Columbia Hospital those small shoplot.


Anis Farhana Aliman said...

the coffee really looks like it'd taste good. unfortunately it's a non halal restaurant. anyway nice reviews :)

MsCarolineLzt said...

Yeah it is really nice. =)