Friday, March 20, 2015


Neutrax Coconut Oil

Actually I didnt know about NEUTRAX till they email me and yes they giving me few bottle for trial. I suppose to try both together but then I couldnt put on the external one cause it is oily as my face get oily easily so I was planning to put it before i went to bed but than I always fall asleep before doing that. Im sorry this post will not have any review about the Neutrax Therapy Oil; will do it next time. But I do see many good review about the Therapy oil such as smoothen/ligthen scars on skin and heal eczema. The oil can also be use on your dry frizzy hairs and your clipped unhealthy nails. Multi-use oil really good right.

Back to the NEUTRAX Original;

What is NEUTRAX Original huh? It is cultured coconut extract with Bio-Lipopeptide. Okay I know start scratching your head and think what it is. hahahaha Anyway this is how it look like a very typical medical looking glass bottle. It give me the feel like cough liquid. This is not for external use dont pandai pandai go wipe on your face or body LOL! It is internal consume which could help Cleanse, Restore and Balance our body.

NEUTRAX are product from FWC (FELDA Wellness Corporation SDN BHD) & license under FWC Sciences Life Inc, San Fransisco, CA, USA. Always read the who box of stuff you put into you mouth eyes ears skins to prevent any allergy or discomfort. Ingredient; Pure coconut extract. 5A benefits of NEUTRAX;

Anti-Aging | Active Healing | Active Nutrition | Active Control | Active Protect
-It reduces the aging process and induce cell reganeration.
It is made through FWC’s proprietary Advanced Microaerophilic Fermentation Platform using carefully selected coconuts that are ethically harvested at a specific maturity. You can find more details about NEUTRAX on their website here; NEUTRAX Original.

This is 100% Natural and NO chemical substance, done reseached in San Francisco, USA. Easy way to consume this either just drink it like this or mix with our foods/beverage. 2x tablespoon daily; one in the morning and another at evening. Im so stupid I actually take 2x tablespoon on the morning, I didnt thought of separating into morning and evening. I know #stupiditywin.

This suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding mom, but always consult your doctor first.

***Product may solidify if stored below 24°C but does not change its nutritional value. Keep out of reach of children. Store in dark, cool, dry place. Do not expose to heat above 50°C.

This is how the coconut oil look like, you see nothing? LOL it is actually colorless and clear transparent like water but this is oil not watery. The smell is strong coconut scent which I like, I really like coconut but this is not as tasty as coconut only the smell tasty. If you ask me how does it taste; it taste exactly like oil just this is coconut favorite LOL. But the scent really nice I can keep smelling it but drinking this is a 3seconds suffer LOL.

I tried to mix with water or apple vinegar but it look disgusting; you know lah oil and water never mixing one so it float on top like some foods drop into the drink. So I prefer taking it just like this rathen mixing it. I was thinking it is okay to mix it with hot stuff like using it to replace cooking oil on cooking? but then it written dont expose to heat above 50c does this mean can't heat it or mix with hot foods/beverage above 50c?? This is still a question.

After consume the NEUTRAX ORIGINAL;

I haven seen much difference yet since I only consume it for 1-2weeks only and I sometime skipped it due forgot. I don't have continuous joint pain so I can't said it heal any joint pain yet. But one thing I confirm I dont have constipation after consuming it, I went to the toilet every morning after I consume it. LOL I still have a bottle to either let my dad or my bf try it since both of them having several joints pain. I will mostly let my dad have it cause he have more problem than my bf and my dad have blood pressure hope this help him.

Is you wish to purchase website is here; NEUTRAX ORIGINAL RM65 for 150ml and NEUTRAX Therapy Oil it is RM55 for 50ml, you only need 3-4drops per usage so it can last quite long or purchase their value package [Value Package] RM99.90 for 1x Original & 1x Therapy Oil more worth.

Any enquiries contact their;
HOTLINE; 1-800-222-FWC (392)


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