Thursday, March 19, 2015


MIA post

A back way post here, which I should ne blogging it last year Octorber. LOL Here the first post which I didnt reveal what I bought [ Toki Choi ] Anyway, here is what I bought from Toki Choi;

I bought one top, one pant and two outer, dont ask me about the price cause I really forgot about how much I bought but really cheap cause 50% sales ma.

This is the pant/short I bought it actually longer than this, Cause it look weird on me so I rolled up the edge. High waisted ripped denim with skinny belt. Quality is not really bad but compare to other denim this is a little thinner but it is really comfortable and really nice especially I love how the ripped go, the belt hmmm I couldnt remember it come with the short or it belong to myself but the leather started to torn off and it look like it gonna tear into two pieces.

As for the white top not belong to Toki Choi it is from La.Sista Collection

Second item;

The two-tone hoodie denim outer this is my favorite of all comfy and suitable for anytime anywhere, not too thick just right for this weather in Malaysia. Most importantly the hoodie is detachable! So wear it with or without the hoodie.

Mickey Mouse top & Rabbit ear sling from La.Sista Collection
Kimono slip-on from Zalora
Sporty pant from Terranova @Sunway Pyramid

Third item;

Two-tone drawstring windbreaker; no link for this due to they removed the stock. Light and comfy but not really warming in a cold place. But the quality really good.

I actually bought 4 pieces but the other one I didnt get the change to take a OOTD so no photo and no link cause sold out and they removed the link. Anyway overall Toki Choi was good, their stuff really pretty and sweet, the quality is fine some are okay some really good. As for the price range quite expensive like you might found a windbreaker for RM100+++ and it doesn't look special.

If you ask me I will purchase again if they having big sales. LOL

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