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Taiwan - Time to Eat

This will be a super long post and you might be drooling;  do not view with an empty stomach, dont say I didnt warn you.

Im not a traveller nor foodie blogger, but when it come to traveling and foods I can't stop myself from typing. This is why I dont blog about traveling or foods so much.

Taiwan is a country which most people top 10 wanna-go-list and it is one of mine also and last year March my dad actually planned the Taiwan, Taipei 10 days trip for us!! Im excited and Taiwan really win me, really a clean country with really polite citizens. 10 days in Taiwan I had never meet someone rude or immoral people, although some of them look like bengbeng but they are not as beng as their look. You can see public area or transportation priority seat is empty even it is full, most of them will stand up and give their seat to elderly (my grandma).

There's once I saw a staff owner run out of her staff just to return a pack of juice, while the customer already far away she ran after her just to return the less then RM5 juice. Those foods stall really generous on giving out sampling, you can eat as much as you can till you feel embarrassed to take another piece and they will still serve you and asking you to try every single of their foods, even you end up not buying they will not pissed off or shoo you away. If in our places you take more than a piece the promoter already staring at you like you killer his/her family.

By the time Im there the weather was just right or maybe a bit cooler, windy in the morning and freezing at the night. It was raining season while im there so it is quite misty and you will see our hairs are quit wet, it is around the weather at Genting Highland night or colder. Now I know why they walk a lot cause it can warm your body more. hahahah

After Im back to Malaysia the only thing I really miss is their foods, really is a foods paradise and you will never feel hungry at there cause foods selling everywhere and they have night market almost every town and city.

Im really hope to go to Taiwan again, If I have a chances to go again I definitely eat till I broke! Others than Taiwanese are really kind and polite, they have really clean country plus really great foods everywhere anything and stuff are so so reasonable prices. Best to know a country local foods is walk on the street or night markets you will surely find their local foods. I just can't get enough of their night market I can really walk whole day if they have it and keep on eating.

We already start eat once we reach taiwan; Our flight was night flight so we reach quite late but we were too hungry to straight to hotel so we ask the fellow pick us bring us to somewhere near our hotel for a light supper and this is where he bought us, Im truly sorry my Chinese wasn't good so I couldnt remember what the name but I took a photo of the box try googling the name of the shop but really hard cause no idea which way to read first. We were trying to go back to this shop the next night but we couldnt find our way there.

Im sorry again dont ask me where we stay cause I really dont remember, it was last year stuff and the trip was plan by my dad and my brother in law.
The yam cake which look normal but taste super delicious! It have minced meats, mushroom and eggs in it, the texture just different from what we had here.
The fishballs with white radish soup; The radish is so damn nice you know what Chinese always said "the soup is so sweet", the radish actually absorb all the taste or essence from the soup but no idea what they put into cook the soup. I dont really like white radish before I went Taiwan but while Im in Taiwan I ate all the radish in every dishes.

As I mention it will be all foods for this post; next day we went to this place sorry idk how to read most of their Chinese. We went to Taichung with the bullet train cause we googled and it a tourist spot so we just go. hahahah! fyi have to go by boat.

It a jungle look alike place where many stair to walk all the way up and there's a temple there, before you walk all the way up you will saw many people queuing for the boiled tea eggs, it is really yummy with the strong fragrance.
Look at those people eating and queuing for more eggs, I will saw people selling weird fruits which they say is apple and taste like apple.

Then we were sent to another places/island by boat; which look like a small village with many foods. Try your lucky by googling the words you might get it, i think* LOL
The red signboard is a shop which sell weird stuff and souvenir, you might found them selling "adult toy" they sell it publicly so not big deal dont act like really big deal cause people might look at you weirdly

We started our food journey with something you might feel rare; Mochi with peanut you try before but you definitely never try before BBQ-ed mochi. You can choose favorite; peanut, seaweed or original since we have many people we taking 3 of it and they selling bbq pork right beside.
Original, almost tasteless with bit of salt and really nice texture.
The peanut really nice whoever like sweet stuff this most likely their stuff.
Seaweed everyone favorite, seaweed favorite never go wrong.
The bbq pork, really nice not hard to chew and taste great better than our Satay.

Know what mean food paradise? It actually mean where ever you walk there are food, before we finish this we already hold another pack of foods! hahahah HEAVEN!! You just can't stop eating I tell you, this is when you give up you diet. Dried fish and many kind of fish and they have wild pork meat; for my family if you ask meat or seafood definitely seafood.
It look like fried anchovies fish but bigger, i have no idea what they put in but it just taste good and you can't stop yourself from putting it into you mouth every second. Crispy and taste like those Taiwanese deep fried chickon but this is the fish version.

Foods will never stop coming toward us! When it come to the magic word we (Me and both my older sis) just cant resist; MUSHROOM!! It written香菇包(mushroom bun/wrap)so we were expect it to be bun with mushroom inside. But nope it wasn't it is a thin wrap wrapped the mushroom mixture with other stuff and deep fried.
It was super hot, you wil regret if you giving a big bite. It was so nice we regretted we only bought 1 to share, look at the mushroom the wrapper wasn't thick, generous amount of the inside and it is not totally dry with a bit of gravy. *drooling*

Before we went back Taipei we bought some night snack; Mochi. They got like 50 type of mochi for you to choose it is really hard to choose and you can try before you buy them is like a mochi buffet which she keep on refilling the sampling for us. Super chewy mochi.

Now this post might be a bit jumpy cause, I dont remember much just the foods I cant remember well. We Malaysia have Lemang they have bamboo rice, it might look not chewable wood but it is really nice similar to rice dumpling but not that sticky.

Let have some fresh seafood for lunch! Their seafood really really really fresh and really nice. Search for 富港海鲜and this is their address ;  [No. 64之9號, Yuao Road, Wanli District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 207] if this address lead you to the wrong place do not blame me. hahahaha
They have many type of seafood just say what you want.
Big and juicy clam/lala
Boiled prawn
Seacucumber super thick
Yes they serve fresh too! I mean by fresh is really fresh.
Eel or some sort of fish
Steam crab is the best why to know it is fresh.
Fried oyster, a different kind of way for oyster.
Fish roes really big like a maki roll.
We did order rice and some other veggies, it will not be cheap but dad say it is way cheaper than Malaysia if we eat at Malaysia same dishes it will be more pricy. We just have to believe him cause he know the price. haha

I dont think I can finish it up in 1 post I just have to separate it into 2-3 post. Now last place for this post, the famous Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle since 1975阿宗麵線in Ximending, can easily find it once you come out of the MRT. Address ; [ No. 8-1, Éméi St Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan (Nearest MRT: Xinmending) ]
Operation hours - Monday to Thursday 10am till 10.30pm
Friday to Sunday 10am till 11pm
Look at the crowd, not only tourist but local people too.
You have to queue dont just walk to the front if not you just have to prepare the hundred eyes stares.
Preparing, I love coriander! After you took your noodle go to the side where they have a sauce station for you to add in chili and vinegar and other stuff.
I love the rice noodles!! Generous amount of intestine. But some people just over rated this, it is nice but not SUPER delicious or not expected.
Really nice to have it on a cold weather.

Really hope I could go again for another round to explored more their yummy foods there, especially their night market. I didn't really shop much on my last trip there because their foods attracted me more.

Thanks to The Butterfly Project and Taiwan Tourism Bureau Kuala Lumpur organizing the contest of 5D4N stay, return air flights, accommodation and tour!!! HOORAY for them and *fingers crossing*

If you have never been to Taiwan and wonder where you should start or what to do with it, go into their website for more info;

English Version : http://eng.taiwan.net.tw
Bahasa version : http://www.taiwan.net.my
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tbrockl?ref=ts&fref=ts

By the way this weekend they will be a Taiwan Travel Fair infor;

25-29 March 2015
Oval, One Utama Shopping Centre

TO BE CONTINUE.......on the foods in Taiwan.

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