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Never Hungry - Taiwan

This is Time for eat-Taiwan Part 2, you can view the Part 1 HERE, the previous post I did mention few places to eat in TaiChung and I realize didnt talk about their street foods or night market, this post I shall do a little bit bout Taiwan street foods. Come to Taiwan the must to try even you dont like it you just must try, which is Beancurd ermm nope is Smelly tofu!!
Me and Christina is a big fans of smelly tofu ( beancurd ) and Taiwan have many different kind of smelly tofu. This is few of it we ate at their night market, you can easy spot at least one stall selling it just depend it is nice or just normal. Smelly tofu does smell bad but it taste so good especially thought crispy outside and smooth inside! It wasn't cheap for that piece of stinky tofu it cost us 50yuan (RM5.90 according to current rate) but the taste worth it.

The look already worth paying!! This really the nicest stink tofu I had in Taiwan, I realize Taiwanese love using coriander leaf and I love coriander leaf hahahah! I prefer stinky tofu which is not dry and fried the whole tofu. Just as the following photo outer crispy inner soft tofu.
As I said you can found different kind of stinky tofu and I tried three different type of it from different night market and the best still the first one. In Malaysia we can get stinky tofu at night market too and what we have here are different from what we ate at Taiwan, different; the texture the taste even the sauce is different.

This is the similar type we have in Malaysia whole tofu is fried dry with sauce and they Will give you some preserved cabbage, but the one in Malaysia are preserved in red sauce but in Taiwan all are clear preserved cabbage it look tasteless but really nice.
This one really look so effortless stinky tofu, which it look like I could do it myself at home. LOL It is neither the whole fried dry nor the crispy outside soft inside. So choose your stinky tofu wisely.

More street foods to go, you will never be hungry in Taiwan especially if you stay near a night market. We always seen or heard in Taiwanese drama about 葱油饼-Scallion pancake (Green onion pancake) so we just have to try once and this is how it look like;
Totally different from what we imagine, cause my parents use to love scallion pancake too while we still young they always make us some and it doesnt look like this it is soft pancake and what we got there is crispy!! and really nice but really oily cause it is fried it with many oil.

We even found this tempting, actually anything with the word CHEESE is tempting! hahah you can choose any topping for your potatoes other than cheese and the amount of cheese is boom!

Never stop eating, you can find anything any flavour foods in their night market is like heaven of foods. You will never get full with those foods around you. You will find this word 大肠包小肠-Big sausage wrap small sausage almost every night market, first thing come to mind was a large sausage wrapping up a small sausage something like hotdog but the bread was replace by giant sausage.
But no I was wrong it is actually glutinous rice made-look-alike hotdog bun wrapping up a Taiwan sausage, best thing about this is they serving it with topping, like choosing veggies at Subway but not as healthy as Subway cause it BBQ-ed glutinous rice and sausage. This is really something special and nice plus it fill up you tummy so you wont spend more at night market. hahah! MUST TRY

Having so must of heaty stuff you must never forget to drink more water and I never forget to hydrate myself by buying myself a white bitter ground juice! Yes it is white in color not green and it doesn't taste bitter at all it taste sweet.
For some reason people who visit Taiwan will definitely choose to drink this and Im one of them. Okay I did lie a bit about not bitter at all, it does taste a little bitter like bee sting. APRIL FOOL!!! Yes it still bitter ground it had that name for a reason, but it really taste sweet with a bit of bitter.

Talking about sweet stuff, they have this tall ice-cream almost everywhere, especially those tourist spot definitely you will found one, do share with you friends or siblings cause it is quite big ice cream, for me I couldnt finish it myself and it is too cold for me to finish it up by myself haha. Nothing much special about it other than it is tall. Gimmick and for the purpose of photograph.
If you dont like ice-cream try this you will see this often in night market; 冰糖葫芦-candied fruit, you can choose any fruits you want, the most famous fruits is strawberries because the sourly and sweetness of the candied really mix well together. They even have kiwi, grapes, apples, cherry tomato or cherry tomato with plum. The traditional one is using hawthorn山楂 but than we tried one stick of hawthorn and it took us quite long to finish it up cause hawthorn is a bit harder than the other fruits, it is harder to bite it off. You get your hand sticky eating this so prepare yourself some baby wipe.
If you dont want fruit then get yourself some sweet, 麦芽糖-maltose, if you get yourself a real maltose sweet it actually pretty nice, I dont think people now selling real maltose sweet most of it should be sugar.
If you think this is the end of the street food post, you're wrong! Next coming will be seafood on the street. The barbecue giant squid and deep fried gigantic squid meat.
This might taste a bit fishy but the texture not like chewing gum, it is soft. When it come to sotong, octopus or squid people will think of the chewy meat. For the deep fried for first look we all thought it was fishball and it does taste a bit like fishball and the texture bouncy texture. Fried foods never goes wrong.

Barbecue oyster, yes you can get oyster at night market too. They are really kind of them letting us to choose the size ourselves, but dont expect for big oyster cause it will take you long to stand there just to wait for your oyster to cook. It is fresh and juicy.
More oyster, oyster noodles or oyster soup we just love it. Not everyone like oyster cause the fishy smell and taste especially after cook it is more fishier.
Fried crab; Idk how it taste cause my dad finish it by himself with my mom but the crab look tempting. I realize most of the street foods are high in cholesterol so remember never over eat and check your cholesterol level before you start hunting street foods. My dad is one of the fella who never care of his cholesterol he really a uncontrollable food hunter. -_-"
Last food and it is a food which you wish to had it on a cold weather; Roasted sweet potatoes, it is big and sweet! best snack on cold weather.
My review is suck I know but I didnt meant to blog it but once I started I couldnt stop myself. Their Shilin night market is really famous but It just big and crowded, the price there are a bit high probably because mostly tourist go there since it is famous.


TO BE CONTINUE.......................


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