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Philips PerfectCare Azur

Good Afternoon peeps! hahaha It been 1months ago my previous update am not slacking I swear, just busy with my work and my gym. And taking care of my bf on behalf his mom, you know how tiring it is to babysit a baby and this is an adult baby. I have to help him out to do all his chores at his house since he is quite a idiot in doing all those "lady work" as he always said. Fyi he stay in KL alone with any family or friends here.

I work from Monday to Saturday (half day) the only day for me to fully rest is only Sunday and he always nagging around forcing me to help him iron all his work suit and I hate ironing even my own clothes I don't iron I try to buy iron-free clothes so I dont have to iron any of it. hahah *lazy people = most clever people on earth*

Don't you people think of iron is actually really tiring job? You have to like stand there wait for the iron to be heated up then you have to spray water on to your clothes before ironing it, to prevent from over heat and burn you favorite clothe or just because it is hard to iron you keep on spraying water onto your clothes till it is totally wet then u iron till it dry but still it doesn't look smooth. Then every one clothes you iron you have to like wait a 3mins for the iron to reheat again and again, it take like forever to just iron a Monday-Friday work outfit. And some clothes material pretty to wear but hard to iron or can't be iron, once you iron there's goes you favorite dress with a big hole or a new iron print on it.

I always wanna get a steam iron cause it look so cold and lesser work, can minus the spraying water part. ahahahaha! Then I got it cause my fairy godmother heard my thought. Thanks to Philip I got my own steam iron, The Philips PerfectCare Azur Steam
It written carefree ironing and no setting required; this is what I want!! hahaha Dear people do always read the instruction before using especially consume and electrical stuff, it might be dangerous if you doesn't know your own stuff. If you don't understand English no worries the box contain like 4-5 languages if Im not mistaken, it even have Korean words! hahaha

Open you box and you will see this the summary of instruction; quick start guide just for lazy people like me! Actually nothing much you have to know about the iron, just plug in and start ironing not even have to think of which clothes with what heat level needs or have to read every single clothes you iron.

How it works? 1234 easy;

1) Pour in water; tank water will do, then plug in wait the blinking light to stop then push to steam and you can start ironing. OMG my iron is better than yours! Even look cooler than yours hahah! *dont jelly please*

2) You can choose either max steam or Eco steaming; Steam output up to 50g/min and could boost up to 200g for stubborn wrinkles. If iron not in using just let it rest/stand. There's a red trigger below the hand-grip for user to extra boost steam while ironing clothes or ironing in vertical position and yes you could hang your clothes up then iron it vectically, just by pulling your clothes one hand and another hand hold iron then iron with press release the trigger.

3) Storing your iron; just push to no steam, unplug, pour out the remaining water & wind the cord around the bottom part of the iron, the shape is designed a winding area on. As for people like me(lazy people) will not pour out the water I just left it in there till the next time I use I dont have to pour again. hahahaha I know Im lazy. Fyi the second photo is how it look like when I open box.

4) Calc clean (iron cleaning) instruction, for every 1 months or if the blinking light no longer blue light, just push the yellow button. Pour in water, switch to no steam, plug in and let it heat up(2mins) then unplug and bring your iron to the sink press the yellow button which shaking the iron, lastly wipe dry your soleplate after it cool down.

Easy right? The iron even have a build-in sprayer you dont have to do extra job just press the button on top the steam adjustment, and the water will be spray out from the top of the pointy part.

The soleplate is T-ionic glide soleplate; gliding and anti-scratch with integrated titanium-oxide layer. This really good cause when you garment have zip or metal button it might easily scratch your iron plate then it will be hard to iron clothes and it will burn your clothes or turn out to be sticky and those dirt will be iron onto your clothes and stain it.
The shape of the iron having a speedy designed shape for better visibility; to reach difficult area and Precision SteamBoost area for a focussed shot of steam and the slim tip for delicate ironing complete the Quattro Precision Tip.

The iron come with a cup with point mouth for easy user to pour water into iron and also an innovative cordguide; simple click onto iron board and it will guide your iron cord while ironing. Best thing ever, I always feel troublesome with those iron cord stuck at the edge of the iron board.

Do you know Philips PerfectCare Azur steam iron shuts off automatically when left unattended. If left on it's heel rest the steam iron will switch off in 3 minutes, when left resting on the soleplate it will take 2 minutes before the iron shuts off. MY IRON IS SO DAMN COOL!!

And what make it cooler is I don't have to waste 30 mins - 1 hour to iron my clothes anymore! Cause it have everything in the iron it save me many minutes and believe me normal iron I used before was slow and still wrinkles after few swap, but Philips PerfectcCare Azur just swap and it swipe out the wrinkles; This is the before and after iron using Eco steam. See the different now!?

YAY for Philips PerfectCare Steam Iron;

- I always sweat like hell while ironing but this iron save my time and easy since everything is in the iron.
-It also 10% energy reduction, so energy saving with a 2800W power.
- Safety auto off system.
- Continuous steam output of 50g/min and boost up to 200g.
- Calc clean reminder.
- T-ionicglide soleplate; anti scratch.
- Smart Control Processor setting the right temperature and HeatFlow technology enabling an even steam and temperature balance.
- 100% safe on all ironable garments; even most dedicate material garments.
- Anti-drip; I still remember my house own a steam iron which keep on dripping!!! =_= Worst iron ever.

NAY for Philips PerfectCare Steam Iron;

- Heavy iron; think at the bright side the heavy iron (1.75kgs) is my dumbbell now so now Iron-day is my Arms-day!! hahaha
- Still have to pour water in after it finish to continue ironing; but normally won't finish the water unless you keep on using the spray.
- Noisy; It might make a loud noise while releasing steam on vertical position, sound like sizzling.

But overall the iron is really good steaming iron, you can iron vertically, easy and faster ironing, time saving and energy saving.

If your are interested to know more go to their website; or here is the Philips PerfectCare Azur Steam Iron link; Price is around RM599 for this perfect iron.

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