Monday, May 25, 2015


Short Summaries of May 2015

A fast blogging just to update what going on in May, it is a busy month and tiring sleepless.
Went to a short trip with my family to the water village ; Pulau Ketam (浮罗吉胆) or Crab Island(螃蟹岛). Nothing much just a place for rest and having good seafood. I will try my best to review about the place and what to do there.

If you follow me or read my blog you know my birthday is on 11th May.
And I just did my very own private party (I did everything myself with Sarah planning to food to buying stuff) a small gathering so dont angry if I didn't invite you, cause they limited us how many guest can bring into the apartment. As always Im celebrating it together with my dearest sister-from-another-mom; Sarah whose came to this world one day (10th May) early than me. More photos coming and will blog how I done my party in a limited budget, so stay tune keep on following me.

Too many friends but I only have one birthday a year. LOL Everyone friends was offering to treat me for dinner but sorry guys I only have one birthday one mouth and one tummy, We can always make it another day.
Birthday treat from friends, definitely a nice place for a great ribs!! Was planning to go for Naughty Nuris but fully booking so we walked around and found the hidden gem there. Will reveal it on another post so stay tune! hahaha So reader if I reveal everything in a post u definitely will never come back to my blog so I just have to make you wait for it.

Im back on the running track, being a little slack this year is almost June and I think not more than five run I joined this year.
Was always wanted to try the Towerthon cause never really go for a stair challenge, was planning to join it last year but my running buddies ignored me, how sad!!! But this year everyone look interested to so here we go on the stair; still the same words stay tune for the experience on the total stair of 2058 steps.

a week later after the Towerthon another run is up!
The Great Eastern Run but we joined the 12K Live Great Run which is a clean run without color powder, but end up as shown in the photo. Our very first experience in Great Eastern run and the suffer of cleaning all the color, will blog about the experience and the suffer so stay tune.

Been not super active in my blogging but still receiving many opportunity of collaborate with some product and invited to some event but have to reject some which I couldn't do it on time.
The most recent one; CUPPATEA from UK; A 100% natural ingredients teatox aiding weight loss. Drink Cuppatea on a daily basis to achieve your dream weight or figure. Don't you think it sound so attractive? Haven started the tea yet received it on the 18th May and my grandpa passed away the same weeks and funeral everything go for 3-4days just have to delay the tea for awhile, after funeral thought of starting it but my period came -_-" and once someone told me about nutrition stuff if you take it while you period it actually doesn't work so well so I just have to delay it again. Am feeling sorry about it; Just stay tune and wait for the review reader.

I think is all about May nothing much gonna happen I hope and the working busy life will still be busy. Cheers people dont Monday blue cause it almost 6pm.

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