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Teatox to Detox

Hey Im back with something good for you guys. Introducing you a new way of being healthy and slimmer day by day just by drinking tea.
You saw it ; is what Im gonna talk about today. Short intro; CUPPATEA is based in UK which selling tea which can help you burn fat, loss weight and detoxing. Most importantly their teatox are 100% natural ingredients.

What I get from Cuppatea ; 14 days teatox program.
Which is 14 sachets of Morning tea and also 7 sachets of Night tea. They pack the tea bags in a resealable bag so no worries about storage, just take one and zip it. I love the packaging is really feminine, the concept should be inspired by hi-tea; every time I saw the packaging it make me wanna go for a English hi-tea with cake and macaroon.
The tea bag is labeled by color to make sure not confusing consumer; Pink are the Morning tea and Blue are Night tea.

How does it work;

Easy just like a normal tea, just place it into your cup and pour in boiling water then wait fr 3 minutes and start enjoying you tea. Both are the same way of drinking so nothing mess or difficult, just put, pour and drink.

As for the ingredient in Morning tea is ;

Mate leaves, Chinese oolong tea, Ginger root, Lotus leaves, Lemongrass, Ginseng root, Dandelion leaf, Gotu kola leaves, Nettle leaves.

Note; Morning tea does not produce laxative effect but contain small amount of caffeine. So you can drink at school or work which worrying about stool loose.

Morning tea

As for Night tea it contain;

Senna leaves, Burdock root, Liquorice root, Hawthorn leaves, Fenugreek seeds, Peppermint leaves, Chamomile, Psyllium seeds.

Note: The Bedtime Cleanse produces a laxative effect to naturally cleanse and detoxify your body, approximately 8 hours after usage. Which mean you will get natural call once you awake it is actually a good thing to clean your stomach waste every morning. It can be a natural alarm too. hahahahah

Night tea

How can Cuppatea benefit you?

*Burn fat and prevent fat storage
*Transformation of energy to burn calories
*Improve skin health
*Improve sleep quality
*Purification detox

All the ingredients in Cuppatea Teatox are 100% natural, no chemical or preservatives and bacteria- free. All these natural ingredients have health and wellbeing purposes and are brought together in Cuppatea to maximise its benefit for us.

For better effect I suggest to try to do more exercises and try to eat healthy too it might shown more obvious effect.

Morning and Night tea taste?

As for me I prefer the morning tea more than the night tea, actually both tea contain ingredient which I not really like but it doesnt taste bad maybe because the mixture of other ingredient blend the taste. Morning tea have really strong lemongrass fragrance and for the night tea it smell like Chinese herb which mean it smell quite bitter but it doesnt taste bitter unless it is cold. The night tea have a strong chamomile fragrance like really strong, I doesnt like the taste of chamomile but I like the smell.

Lastly what reader really concern is the effect and I already took 3 Morning and only 1 night tea so far, what I can see from is it actually help digestion pretty good and decreasing bloating.

In this 3 days I didnt feel any discomfort it just normal natural call which not like getting painful and then diarrhea. Normally I get quite round tummy if Im lack of sleep for no reason but the tea really help out for the bloating part. This is really a good tea for lazy people like us or busy people like you which dont really have much time for diet planning, cause just drink and try to live healthy and you will get your healthy life.

People just Drink and Detox; Let the tea do the job!

And here a discount code for you; CAROLINE15OFF

Purchase and get 15% offer!! Grab it now =) Enjoy your cup of CUPPATEA TEATOX.

For more info;

Official website :

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