Friday, August 21, 2015

SkinSoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara

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I seen many ladies went for lashes extension but none of it will last forever, normally it last for six to eight weeks. If keep going for an extension will cost more than your expected. That's why there are fake lashes in the market and many variety patterns or colors to choose from. However fake lashes still fake and it is super troublesome to wear and is a waste, normally for hygiene purpose you either wear 5-10 times then throw or some people will wash it but for lazy people like me I use it till it tear off, especially my favorite lashes which I couldn't find back the exact one.

Another problem for fake lashes is, it is really uncomfortable if you got the wrong length while cutting or misplace it can causing poking your eyeball. Putting on is troublesome level 12345678910 while having it hang on your eyelids is double the tired, which you may feel heavier and some may block 1/3 of your visual. I even experience edge of my fake lash came off while I'm outside, you are lucky if you bought your glue out, just glue back. I wasn't in luck I forgot to bring mine and I have to ask all my friends if they bought and no one bring all they have is lip gloss!! Know what? I have to ask another lady standing next to me to lend me a bit of her glue. How embarrassing and awkward.

Short & thin lashes always my problem I always jealous Indians or Malays who have long thick lashes, even the man have longer and thicker lashes than me. Moreover my left lower lashes are thinner than the right eye thanks to my housemate while I still studying college, it happen when we are on our trip to Malacca Jonker Street;

You know right they sell many kind of thingy and one of the stall was selling variety cute design lighter and my friend (a he) took one of it and wanna scare me by lighting in front my face, he called me and I turn toward him and yes he light it up and my lower lashes got slightly burn but no harm to my face or eye; I only feel hot toward my face for few second and I thought nothing much since no injury but who know, it cause my lower lashes stop growing thicker or longer. It look ugly if you look close cause it is really thin and some even grow not in the right direction. LOL hard to explain just it is not arranged nicely. hahahah
Serum for lashes help lashes to grow and tried but not helping; Then they approached me SkinSoul and they intro me the Lash It Out-Natural Volume Attack Mascara. This is what I thought by the time "No harm right, since it already terrible it won't make it more terrible" So I took the challenge to try it out for 2 weeks.

They only have Black 01 for now maybe in the future they might come with other color. Opss I think I never mention before even though I blogged my review for their SkinSoul Ultra Soft Towelette & C-Jello Collagen Jelly Bar ; They have 2 type of Product range under SkinSoul which is Skin Shield (all natural-Skincare range; made from pure organic Ashitaba **) & SkinSoul  Aethetic Cosmetic (all natural-100% free Parabens)

As you can see this is a mascara it is under the range of SkinSoul Aethetic Cosmetic and yes this is NO PARABENS & prostaglandin free mascara. ZERO use of hair growth chemicals which can cause blurred vision.

The brush is the round brush tips for easy apply.

Benefits; Deliver thicker & more volumised lashes. Plus features growth & curl actives.

Key ingredient; Natural mulberry extract that nourishes, strengthens & curl lashes.

Country of origin; Made in Itally. Size; 8ml / 0.27 floz. Expiry date; 6 months

Direction of use; Just use like a normal mascara. Easy??

Let see the result before and after; Some of the caption in photo might make you confuse. Let start with the first day before I apply SSNVAM on.

This is after I apply SSNVAM on. You can see the different between left and right eye. Do note the photo are all not-mirrored so the left eye you looking at right now is my right eye, get it!? As I said my left lower lashes is way thinner.

Right eye after SSNVAM for clearer view

 Right eye after SSNVAM for clearer view.

Comparing the 2 weeks (without anything on) after I daily usage of SSNVAM and 1st day before using anything. Upper lashes couldn't see much different, as for myself the different is hardly can see.

1st photo 1st day; with mascara - 2nd photo 2 weeks after; with mascara - 3rd photo 2 weeks after; without mascara. You can notice very minor increased on the lower lashes. As proven result they have you will get visibly grow & thickens lashes in 8 weeks and I shall say Yes it is possible.

My opinion (after use);

As for the result I am really surprise after 2 weeks using it daily base but I do skipped few days in between but not continuous skipping la, like today forgot to apply tomorrow I confirm apply. The result on the upper lashes is less obvious but for the lower lashes it is really shown growing thicker and longer which is more noticeable in real time or from the photo. Some people might think "aiya you blogger ma confirm won't pijak the brand lo" Sorry you're wrong, If the product wasn't that good I still put in my own opinion good or bad.

I already stopped the daily use for SSNVAM not because the product isn't good is just Im too lazy to remove it when I get home; somehow this is still a cosmetic which you have to remove it. I still apply SSNVAM before I apply other mascara for more volume look. If you apply only SS mascara it actually doesnt look really volumised but more on natural look but slightly more curler, that's why I like it.

It doesn't look heavy or with makeup on, easy to apply without getting crunch and easy to remove; few wipe and it is clean. SSNVAM wasn't so smudge proof after all, one of the day it smudge after my lunch hour but can be easily wipe off from your skin with wet tissue. 

Anyhow, the benefits and result stated and it do gave you what your want after all. A+ for this products!!! This could be your favorite, Short lashes ladies. I will definitely recommend this to my friends.

SkinSoul have more other product for cosmetic; foundation, concealer, eye-brown pencil, eyes shadow, blush & lip colors.
Where can you get it:

Just visit their newly open outlet in Midvalley lowest ground, easily can spot their store in the corner if you take the center escalator down. For more location of SkinSoul outlet/kiosk click here

Price: Rm195 (You get what you pay for)

Remember to show this code #SSCAROLINE, My blog post of SkinSoul and followed/Like SkinSoul social media to the staff/consultant to enjoy below privilege;

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*My readers will also entitled to walk away SkinSoul SkinShield Set worth RM100 by minimum purchase of RM100 and above in a single receipt.
**T&C Applied**

More details about their product:

Stay tune for more products from SkinSoul - Say NO to Paraben


Monday, August 17, 2015

Avène Cleanance EXPERT Emulsion

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Blemish prone, blackheads or spot are our worse enemies. I have blackheads problem and tried several products and none of them help much, it might help minimize my pores but it won’t last. Recently I found a solution/product which help reduce blemishes, blackheads and spots.

The Avène Cleanance EXPERT Emulsion

Avène products are always toward sensitive skins but doesn’t mean only those who have sensitive skin could use them, they always have great products.

Cleanance EXPERT is especially made for acne-prone skin with spots and blackheads. Helps eliminate mild to moderate blemishes spots and blackheads. Cleanance EXPERT is a light emulsion; easy to apply. Quick absorbed and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and mattified. It is a good make-up base.

Cleanance EXPERT benefits;

- Anti-blemishes; reduce redness and help eliminate spots.
- Exfoliating: helps reduce blackheads and smoothes the skin's texture.
- Mattifying: regulates the hyperproduction of sebum.

After apply on; not sticky or watery as other emulsion i had used.

How to use;

Apply morning and/or evening to the face after cleanser. Cleanance EXPERT can be used alone or in combination with a local medicinal treatment from dermatologist.

I use every morning after cleanser and every night before bed, you can feel your skin smoother the next morning.

Personal review;

It does help reducing my pore especially the nose area. Texture after applying mattified and not oily or sticky. It smell good too slightly smell like baby powder.

Before started using Avene & few days after using Avene daily base. Photo is a bit hard to see the different of pore, but you can notice the redish on the cheek are slightly fairer. For the pores part you just have to try yourself to know the result, you will know by touching it.

For more information ;


Friday, August 14, 2015

Yummilicious - C.Jello, SkinSoul

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Skin care doesn't come in external use only, now you can drink or EAT them. I use to tried many stuff for my terrible skin as my previous post [SkinSoul Perfect Wipe - Ultra Soft Towelette] I tried out many stuff, natural of a blogger; strong curiosity and also just sake of wanna be pretty. I try before instant collagen which in bottle just open and drink the last I consume is powder to mix with other drink or pure drink. They are all good collagen but powder will be troublesome especially when you're rushing.

So collagen can taste awful or fishy, I tried one before which have a weird scene which I just not a fans of it. Right now I have another new product to try and no more drinking awful fishy beverage collagen;

C.Jello Collagen Jelly Bar, yes is in solid jelly form and no this is not a masks it is jelly yummy taste jelly.

Where to start from?? Let me introduce you the tasty jelly collagen which suitable for all ages, no mistake all ages from 7 to any ages you can live up to. Now our next generation can start having pretty skin starting from ages 7yo or just treat it as a healthy treat for them rather than letting them take junk foods, am I right. LOL

For children age 7 to 14 yo suggested serving is 1 sachet per day and for 15 yo onward is suggested to take 2 sachets per day with a maximum of 4 sachets daily. One in the morning before breakfast and one in the night before you go to bed.

You can put into fridge for better taste, cold jello taste way better than room temperature. You can notice it have a Halal logo on the box Muslim friends you can feel free to enjoy the C Jello with your kids. No artificial colour, no flavours & no preservative. 100% natural collagen jelly; no more worries and just chewy your youth into your tummy ermm, I mean chewy till you get your youthful and radiant skin.

9 Powerful antioxidants which gave you the youthful & radiant skin:
* German fish collagen (Yuck ihatefish, but they are always good for skin)
* Artichoke extract
* Mulberry extract
* Melon concentrate
* Hyaluronic acid mixture
* Pear concentrate
* Rice bran extract
* Peach concentrate
* Vitamin C

Simple and nice design for the metal box, The orange image I guess it representing artichoke cause it does look like one. Each box come in metal box and menu/instruction booklet in it.

Contain of 15 sachets per box, enough for a weeks. Each sachets size 20g and collagen contain in each sachets/per serving is 1500mg.

As till today I already started consume C Jello the 4th day so far it is still me LOL. We will see what happen 15days later since I have 2 box of x15 sachets.

As for the taste no worries cause it really taste nice like fruit jello. It is really bouncy and nice to chew and taste slightly to fruity. Most importantly it is convenient, take and go to work then eat while on the way to work.
The actual jello look slightly darker than the picture due to lighting.

Photo of me on the 2nd day morning after taking my 3rd bar of C Jello. No filter or editing.
And here where I should stop typing and stay till the end of my C Jello journey for result. As for more information do visit their website;

Fyi, the first and last photo of me in this post are before consume C Jello. Signing off ; MsCarolineLzt

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SkinSoul Perfect Wipe

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Being beautiful is not how much cosmetic you put on your face but how much you care about your skin; Ladies of all ages do make up to look presentable and pretty, but too look fresh whole day running around we ladies choose to use waterproof cosmetic which difficult to remove after that. Me myself hate removing waterproof mascara and BB cream/foundation because it is hard to remove no matter how much remover or how hard I rub still doesn't feel clean. I think most of you ladies have the same problem.

Remover come in liquid oil, water base remover, cleanser and wipes; I tried all and all leave me either feel not clean enough or dry/tense skin after clean.

This is why Im writing today; Im introducing this product to my readers and my friends who read me.
SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettels.

Why SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes;

-Formulated with Swiss Glacier Water with 4.4.3
(4 Essential oil - 4 Antioxidant - 3 Hydrating & Soothing ingredients)
-Removes waterproof/stubborn makeup & mascara.
-NO artificial perfume or colour.
-NO harsh chemicals & Paraben free.
-Easy remove.
-Cleansed, Moisturizes, Smooth & Hydrated after use.
-NO to irritate skin & eyes.

Here a small demo ; just to show how easy can it be to clear out all the stubborn cosmetic.
Cosmetic; most of them is stated waterproof and really stubborn type of cosmetics.

Gently pressure the wipes toward makeups and wait for 10sec or 15sec.

This is how it look like after 10-15sec most of the makeup was adsorbed into the wipes

This is the end of result, after wiping off everything. **the lower right thats not makeup is bruises**

Easy like ABC, btw after removing make up with SSUSFT you can just go on to bed. It won't feel tense or dry and it does not sting your eyes. 

After use review;

You just have to try yourself to believe me, you might think Im over reacting but this is the best remover I had used. I tried before oil base remover which it sting my eyes and it make my skin tense even after I cleansed. Water base remover is nothing different than oil base just not so oily, it make my skin dry and I still have to cleansed after remover it give me double works. As for cleanser type it doesn't work as well as oil or wipes remover and wipes remover from other brand yes it can clean easily but I need at least 2 pieces to clean everything and same problem dry skin after remove.

But as for SSUSFT it does not feel dry and tense, it is really easily to remove just by 1 pieces for whole faces. Best thing is I can straight to bed without cleansing. The wipes itself have a light scent and different between SS wipes and the other wipes I use before is SS wipes have more water contain and the other brand's wipe is drier.

SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes really suit lazy people like me and night owl-er those who came home late this is really a thing for you.

Most importantly the price is reasonable ; 1 pack / 60 wipes is only RM53.

Where can you get the wipes:

SkinSoul have outlet in Midvalley lowest ground, easily can spot their store in the corner if you take the center escalator down. For more location of SkinSoul outlet/kiosk click here

One more thing, little goodies from SkinSoul to my readers (you). Just show this code #SSCAROLINE, My blog post of SkinSoul and followed/Like SkinSoul social media to the staff/consultant to enjoy below privilege;

*Entitled to purchase SkinSoul SkinShield Travelling Set at only RM388 (np: Rm500).
*Get a SkinSoul SkinShield Set worth RM100 by minimum purchase of RM100 and above in a single receipt.
*Also entitled to purchase 2 SkinSoul Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes and walk away with a limited edition (NOT FOR SALE) SkinSoul lip balm.

***T&C Applied***

More details about their product:

Stay tune for more products from SkinSoul - Say NO to Paraben