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Yummilicious - C.Jello, SkinSoul

Skin care doesn't come in external use only, now you can drink or EAT them. I use to tried many stuff for my terrible skin as my previous post [SkinSoul Perfect Wipe - Ultra Soft Towelette] I tried out many stuff, natural of a blogger; strong curiosity and also just sake of wanna be pretty. I try before instant collagen which in bottle just open and drink the last I consume is powder to mix with other drink or pure drink. They are all good collagen but powder will be troublesome especially when you're rushing.

So collagen can taste awful or fishy, I tried one before which have a weird scene which I just not a fans of it. Right now I have another new product to try and no more drinking awful fishy beverage collagen;

C.Jello Collagen Jelly Bar, yes is in solid jelly form and no this is not a masks it is jelly yummy taste jelly.

Where to start from?? Let me introduce you the tasty jelly collagen which suitable for all ages, no mistake all ages from 7 to any ages you can live up to. Now our next generation can start having pretty skin starting from ages 7yo or just treat it as a healthy treat for them rather than letting them take junk foods, am I right. LOL

For children age 7 to 14 yo suggested serving is 1 sachet per day and for 15 yo onward is suggested to take 2 sachets per day with a maximum of 4 sachets daily. One in the morning before breakfast and one in the night before you go to bed.

You can put into fridge for better taste, cold jello taste way better than room temperature. You can notice it have a Halal logo on the box Muslim friends you can feel free to enjoy the C Jello with your kids. No artificial colour, no flavours & no preservative. 100% natural collagen jelly; no more worries and just chewy your youth into your tummy ermm, I mean chewy till you get your youthful and radiant skin.

9 Powerful antioxidants which gave you the youthful & radiant skin:
* German fish collagen (Yuck ihatefish, but they are always good for skin)
* Artichoke extract
* Mulberry extract
* Melon concentrate
* Hyaluronic acid mixture
* Pear concentrate
* Rice bran extract
* Peach concentrate
* Vitamin C

Simple and nice design for the metal box, The orange image I guess it representing artichoke cause it does look like one. Each box come in metal box and menu/instruction booklet in it.

Contain of 15 sachets per box, enough for a weeks. Each sachets size 20g and collagen contain in each sachets/per serving is 1500mg.

As till today I already started consume C Jello the 4th day so far it is still me LOL. We will see what happen 15days later since I have 2 box of x15 sachets.

As for the taste no worries cause it really taste nice like fruit jello. It is really bouncy and nice to chew and taste slightly to fruity. Most importantly it is convenient, take and go to work then eat while on the way to work.
The actual jello look slightly darker than the picture due to lighting.

Photo of me on the 2nd day morning after taking my 3rd bar of C Jello. No filter or editing.
And here where I should stop typing and stay till the end of my C Jello journey for result. As for more information do visit their website;

Fyi, the first and last photo of me in this post are before consume C Jello. Signing off ; MsCarolineLzt

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