Friday, September 4, 2015


A Gift for Newly Married

If you're my SNS follower you should know my eldest sister, Christina just got married last month. Everyone was saying the same thing "She finally getting married" hahaha! As a sister me and and my elder sister, Catherine decide to buy her something for her married. Well we think and think but have no idea what to give her because we feel like giving her something useful rather than giving thing which is meaningless.

We can't give her money/angpow because Chinese culture younger people or unmarried can't give angpow and it is quite effortless to just give her money right. I even try to trick her saying what she want and the thing she mention mostly useless -_-!!

Then I saw this lady, Karen Lee who sell wine glasses/champagne glasses with design on it, you know in wedding they have those tossing ceremony so this should be a best gift and they can use it on that day too.

I choose the blue one because Chris love blue;

Isn't it pretty!! And Karen do customize the gift box too with the name of the couple. Price for each pair included box, paper bag & postage in Peninsular Malaysia only RM88.
*Update : As due to everything have increased she stop giving free postage do PM her for more info and posting rate*

You can choose design you want and request for other colors as long she have the material she will make it as what you choose. Best thing is she do COD but selected area, she is kind enough to come over near my house to pass me the glasses.

For more details PM her ; Lee Pik Kwan Karen
For more design ; Karen's Handmade & Homemade

This is wedding night; My sis and her husband. Once again congrats to the newly married couple. The glasses they holding on. Although not to matchy to her gown as long she like it.

By the wayyyyy, the background was design by me! Pretty rightttttt hahahaha!! You can find me to design one for you if you one! *giggling*

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TGIF Cheers.

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