Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Hi Im MsCarolineLzt

Hi I been slacking for sometime I have super duper many post which I pending and hoping to update but still mood wasn't there, anywayyyyyy here a short post since I have a new "book" to play with. hahahahah!!

Been quite addicted to the very viral new app which recently viral and became a hit app, also it was recently removed from app stall for both iTunes and android. I heard the reason was because user misuse use it as a porno platform or striping live stream.

Yes the "17" app, it is like a new Instagram and conbine of snapchat, not a bad apps actually but people just misused it. For people who haven download sorry you can't download it and for people who downloaded do follow me!!!

My 17 id @mscarolinelzt - I will mostly posting all my selfie and my ootd there!! 

Do follow my Instagram too Im more updating on phone app than blogging since blogging need more effort for 1 post and phone app only need a few click to update. #lazybloggerhere

My IG id @mscarolinelzt - LOL it is the same id so do follow both please.

Since Im promoting as well I just promo online store my sis and I been working on;

Carousell - La.sista

That's all Im need to hit the sack!! Byeeeeeeee

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