Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Result of Jelly Bar

Hey, I'm back with the result after consume C.Jello Collagen Jelly Bar; Which I blogged about last month, I shall refresh you mind a bit.

C.Jello: A collagen in jelly bar form and suitable for children from age 7 onward.No artificial colour, no flavours & no preservative. 100% natural collagen jelly. Contain 9 powerful antioxidants;
* German fish collagen
* Artichoke extract
* Mulberry extract
* Melon concentrate
* Hyaluronic acid mixture
* Pear concentrate
* Rice bran extract
* Peach concentrate
* Vitamin C

Each box come with 15 sachets, enough for a weeks. Each sachets size 20g and collagen contain in each sachets/per serving is 1500mg.

For children age 7 to 14 yo suggested serving is 1 sachet per day and for 15 yo onward is suggested to take 2 sachets per day with a maximum of 4 sachets daily. One in the morning before breakfast and one in the night before you go to bed.

The taste of the jelly bar;

It is really bouncy and nice to chew and taste slightly to fruity. Packaging wise; good, small and easy to bring out.

And this is me on the 2nd day morning after taking my 3rd bar of C Jello. No filter or editing only put in description.

This me after finish 2 box of C.Jello collagen jelly bar. No filter or editing only put in description.

For easy reader to compare and easy viewing do click on picture to enlarge. 

If you ask me how is the result, I will answer not really much different. After consume C.Jello my skin doesnt look as what I expect. Still obvious wrinkles and dark spot just slightly fairer. Fairer skin tone, hmmm I dont think I got change fairer maybe just not obvious due to Im quite tan. But one think definitely improved is my skin is more firm, elasticity and smoothness because recently my bf keep on attacking my cheeks and keep touching my face which really annoyed me; so I asked why keep touching my face and he answer "Recently your skin very smooth and very bouncy very nice to pinch and touch". **I really hate people touching my face, you never know how dirty their hands is**

This is just my own opinion, maybe different people different result. It might not suit me and show not much effect on me but it might be effective to other.

For more information do visit their website;

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