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[Review] Happy Bath Purifying Yuan Soap

When is the greatest moment and most relaxing moment all day long?! For me it is showering, especially right after exercising or whole day working. This is why toiletries is really important from head to toes. I personally like soap more than shower liquid, I more on traditional minder which I think soap can clean more better, can use longer compare to same weight of shower liquid and cost lesser compare liquid.

A good bath we need a good soap, from the fragrance to the effect they gave us. As for getting a good soap with good effect of course organic soap;

阿原肥皂 Yuan Soap - Originally from Taiwan. Yuan's soap are all 100% natural ingredients and handmade using cold process. Organic mean no artificial fragrance and no animal fats. Yuan soap are made from variety of  Chinese herbs and natural mountain spring water from YangMingshan National Park.

Yuan' soap are categories into 5 types : 

1) Flower series : Sacrifice
2) Herb series : Compassion
3) Seed series : Faith
4) Tree series : Strength
5) Special series : Diligence

They have many variety of soap bar which meant for different skin type and different effect. You can customize your own daily soap by choosing the right benefit soap you want.

The set I got is Silky Skin Set 滑溜溜 (RM75), from top to bottom :

- Yuan bestseller product, use to relieve skin problems like eczema, reduce itch from ringworm, body acne, atopic dermatitis and fungal infections. It also suitable for people with strong body odour

- Tighter skin and relieves itchiness such as eczema. It also suitable as a hair soap for dry hair.

- Main ingredients is Chinese Angelica : Prevent pigment formation and fade melanin to brighten our skin. help reduce water retention. A moisturizing soap suitable for normal/dry skin.

As result from after use :

- I have very sensitive skin, few weeks before I start using Yuan soap my arm grown bump/blisters after I went helping my bf at his storeroom. It was really really itchy and I started to uncontrollable scratching it few days later that bump area became patches, dry and rough skin which I feel like crying touching it. Then really have to thanks Natta Cosme for sending me Yuan Soap at the right timing!! Right now I been using Yuan for 1 and half month, Im now in my second bar and guess what?! The bump is totally gone, lesser the patches and not as dry as before, more importantly the itchiness go away after a week I use Yuan soap. The power of organic soap I guess.

As for the smell/fragrance don't expect it to be flowery or fruity, as you can see it is mainly Chinese herbs ingredients which mean it will not be the same as what you get on shell. Yuan soap are more like a herb bag full of herb smell but it doesn't cause discomfort but the smell quite addicted and relax. The smell not too strong just right for me as I don't like strong fragrant stuff.

And the soap texture are slightly firmer than normal soap and it is easier to melt if you did not store it at a dry place.

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