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Gonna write a long year end post with a complain toward two person/company!!! I think everyone heard of, so the incident happen this morning and I'm not not really related it was my colleague I'm just helping her and we shall name her ABC for a easier understanding.
So she was planning to get her Chinese New Year nails done by searching for some affordable since she a housewife so it will spoil afterward she doesn't want to waste too much on it and when come to affordable Groupon was the first time she can think. So without thinking more she started searching for affordable medi-pedi saloon which is nearby her house and she got this The Nail Place - Nails & Lashes -, with very attractive offer *Classic or French mani-pedi for RM28 instead of RM95* without a second thought she just bought 2 voucher thru Groupon for herself and another colleague of mine.

She was so excited and running to me saying they found super affordable and near saloon. Most importantly it state can be use 3 months from purchasing date, normally mostly saloon will state on their T&C not usable for 2 weeks before CNY and The Nail Place doesn't have any T&C about not usable before CNY. I was curious and asked her to call over to The Nail Place to reconfirm it is really can use even near CNY, here where the nightmare happen!!!
So she called and asked, a lady, Jacklyn answer the phone, we have no idea it is the ladyboss herself or a staff. She say not usable starting from 16 Jan 2016 till CNY which is around 12 Feb 2016(cause normally CNY we Chinese rest and resume businees on the 5th day of CNY) which is almost 1 month period. ABC then tell her but your Groupon site doesnt stated so how come now can't use, and Jacklyn reply with unpleasant tone "That's why I'm telling you right now". Do noted their conversation was in Cantonese I translated it into English and it sound not so rude, if you understand Cantonese you might imagine how rude is she. ABC was no so excited and not so happy she talk with her for few minute telling Jacklyn to understand that ABC bought it because the site didn't stated any not usable date within the 3 months.
But after all the talks Jacklyn wasn't tolerant and stand firm with her NONO before CNY, then she offer ABC to make her nails 1 day earlier which is 15 Jan 2016 and it make no different with 16 Jan 2016 moreover ABC wasn't free on 15th.
ABC and another colleague was angry because Jacklyn was so rude and mention they couldn't use it on the date they wanted to. Other saloon offer was before 30th Jan which is 1 week before CNY and Jacklyn even said "I coop with Groupon I didn't earn and I even loss" another rude tone like don't wanna do business.

ABC was frustrated so decided to make a complain toward Groupon and ask for a refund and here come NIGHTMARE part 2. When you think operator from customer service line should look like this ;
Or this

Then you are so WRONG!! I was the one who talk to the operator since ABC and the other colleague wasn't good in English, I just have to help them. So firstly the unprofessional operator I have no idea is he a Chinese Indian or Malay all I know he is trying really really hard to speak English with a fake fluent English slang and all his words was sticking together which really hard to understand him, plus he speak super soft making it more worst and he keep on pause left it will silent which I have no idea did he or did he not heard what I saying.
Then I thought he might not good in English as I'm still at my working hour I was hoping I could end it fast and get back to work, although I feel cocky but I asked can you speak Mandarin or Cantonese and he didn't even bother to reply my question. Then he came back conscious of Im still on the line and here the real stuff begin normal procedure asking for account details and voucher code and stuff.

Then he stopped and ask "Are you the owner of the account because I heard you asking someone else" I can understand this but HELLO can you ask in a better way so I replied him " No I'm not the owner of the account I'm only helping my friend and they doesn't speak English unless you know Mandarin or Cantonese. Do you wanna talk to them"
Then we continue with the serious thing and he say "Sorry but no refund can be made, as the voucher valid for 3 months from purchased date which mean you can use it after CNY", So what's the point do ABC bought the voucher for!? plus to be exact it is not 3 months it is only 2 months if according to TNP. I even ask him who mistake it is now, It is TNP or Groupon or our own mistake to buy it, the operator even ask us to call TNP and nego with them. If it is working we wouldn't call your customer service plus It is obvious your company (Groupon) and your client (TNP) mistake in communication and why do we (buyer/user) have to take the blame!!! All he did is keep on repeating the same thing;

1. "Sorry we couldn't make the refund"
2. "You can still use it after that"
3. "It valid for 3 months"
4. "Do understand our company policy"
5. "What else can I help"

And this is how I answer and repeated answer after he keep on repeating it;

1. "Why can't I get back the refund" but I get no answer but changing channel from him.
2. "How do I use it, who will keep on doing their nails in 3-2 months period" same no answer.
3. "Yes I know 3 months but they stop us on 16th Jan 2016 - 12th Feb 2016 we doesn't even have 3 months" no answer and keep talk other stuff..
4. "Okay, Do understand how frustrated are we now. For example, WILL YOU CUT YOUR HAIR EVERY MONTH. Now can you understand" he is on his silent mode or he jsut fall asleep.
5. "Yes, you didn't even HELPED US!! and Yes you can help me WE NEED OUR MONEY BACK WE WANT A REFUND" he repeated 1-5.

I think the conversation took around 20 or 30 minutes?? When he started to say What else can I help you miss and thanks for called, I knew it he is trying to escape and hang up. Eventhou it wasn't me who bought it but the way he serve me and doesn't even help just wanted to hang up make me more frustrated so I asked for his name and contact to complain on staff, he purposely say fast and soft of his name and I forcefully ask him to spell it out 1 word by 1 word and he doing it fast so I ask for his ID but he think I'm 3 yo telling me NO WE DON'T HAVE ANY STAFF ID and the name is how they recognize their staff. WHAT A JOKE!! are you kidding me, big company and no staff ID.

As I could get his exact name and staff ID, I tell him if I file a complain on you with the name given (Jolsm, Josh, Joa, or Joey) but they say no such staff in the company who should I find!? Call back here and find you!? and he said "May I have your complain" I have no idea is I misheard because his voice was so soft like JayChou, I didn't even bother to want him to repeat what he just said so I said my last words "what you want me to complain you thru you!?, Never mind pass me to someone higher position your senior or whoever he is"

Then FINALLY!! LIKE REALLY FINALLY he did his job seriously!!!

Finally he said okay I will ask my supervisor or senior, I couldn't hear him because he is JayChou fans. After holding me for 2-3 minutes he came back and say okay we can me a refund for you but in Groupon credit and yes why not at least you refunded!! I end the call by praising him at least you did your work. Thanks!!

hahahaha~ Okay I know I sound #likeaboss

And the location of The Nail Place is inside Taman Wawasan DG Foodcourt. How their nails art goes idk but their responds toward ABC not really good.

As for Groupon this kind of situation this is not the first time, so beware when purchasing from Groupon or online. Always remember call and check first with the merchandiser itself before purchasing from any 3rd party website.

But once in awhile Groupon do have good offer and super deal which really a good deal. Like the one recently I went for dinner in Miss Coffee & Toast nice place nice food affordable price but the offer ended. Also my current worth trusted beauty saloon CellAct, my first trial was from Groupon and till now I been with CellAct for almost 1 year.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Print by Printcious

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If you happen to read my blog you know I blogged about (you can read it here) and here is the stuff I purchase from them. Can you guess what I purchases!? Let look at the photo and make a guess if guess correct sorry no present. *evil smile*

As you can see they wrapped my item carefully with bubble wrap, then thick cupboard and another layer of bubble wrap. I shall give them a 5 stars full star for the wrapping to prevent damage of my item. They even stick on the "FRAGILE" sign on the parcel, you know la those postmen will just throw you parcel. I experienced before receiving broken glasses but lucky the seller actually send me another set, do take noted the broken experience is not from is another company which won't be mentioning. 

Taaaadaaaa~ My purchases; Ceramic with Audrey Hepburn printed on!! Do you know I really love her style and look in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" classy, elegant and feminine. I want my wedding photo shoot with the them of that style.

And of course one of her quote with printed on too; "Happy girls are the Prettiest"

As for the quality of the printing is good and I tried to wash and rub a little see whether will come off or not but nope it wont come off even I keep on rubbing.

This deco ceramic come with a thick plastic stand, sorry no photo forgotten to take photo of the stand. The stand is really good quality, not those lousy plastic stand and they wrapped it nicely with thick bubble wrapping.

Im satisfy with their quality and how the pack my items to prevent from damages. As for the shipping was quite slow as I drop my order on 4th Dec 2015 and I receive it on 10 Dec 2015, it took almost 1 week time.

As for more option or question on custom made gift do visit; – Precious Gifts From Your Heart

Opss almost forgot, Printacious is having Christmas promo till 7th December 2015 25 December 2015 all order 20% off and use this code: XMAS2015. They extended the promo date.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Worth to Worthy

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Spend like a king is everyone dream but is really heartache to just spend every penny you earn with sweat and blood. I love shopping and I do like to pamper myself with a little message, spa or facial once a month, but I hate using up all my money and feel empty end of every month.

So how!? Human are born to be survivor which we won't starved to death and so we will have our own way to spend wise and get good stuff in lower price!!! This is why Im writting now, continue read people.
Worthy Book - Ladies Edition is what I introducing to all ladies reader like me, who shop and pamper themselves but heart-aching while paying.

What is Worthy Book - Ladies Edition?

- A book of worthy and save spending vouchers up to RM22k saving.
- Total 160 vouchers in book.
- Features popular Shopping, Beauty, Fashion brands in Malaysia.
- They have voucher/offer from; Zalora, Grabcar, Body Shop, Burt’s Bees, Xixili, Celebrity Fitness, f block, Ice Watch, Decleor, Jojoba Spa, Himalaya, TNS Skinlab, Colour Culture, Ecoparadise and many more!
- Covering over 80 Shopping Malls!

Why Worthy Book - Ladies Edition?

Worthy book have what we want and what we need!! It help us save more, pay less and get more. You can even share with your partner, families and friends. It is not only discount vouchers but offers like buy 1 free 1, purchase with purchase offer, even free treatment and more. Most importantly expiry is 1years! Which company gave voucher expiry up to a year with so many saving vouchers??

This is me using one of their voucher!! My total purchase was RM104.2 + RM5 shipping but I only pay RM79.20 and I save RM30!!

And fyi Worthy Book does not only have Ladies Edition it have F&B Edition by Worthy Book for food lover. But the price of book are different, it is RM29.90 for F&B edition and period use is 2015-2016.

Where to buy Worthy Book - Ladies Edition

Ladies Edition is available at all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected and 7-11 outlets in KL and Selangor.

Price & Expired of Worthy Book - Ladies Edition

Only RM25 for a book of Worthy and voucher period is May 2015 till April 2016.

Is Worthy Book - Ladies Edition only for Ladies!?

No, some offer might stated only for ladies or stated a must for male customer to be accompany by a lady partner to use the offer, but some of the vouchers can but use by both gender. So pretty boy or shopaholic guys you can use it or maybe share with a lady friend.

For more info and to view voucher in Worthy Book;

Official Website :

Don't said I bojio you girls guys to shop wise and save more.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Where to get a Christmas present!?

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We are left with 20 days to prepare Christmas present and no time for shopping and no idea what to get!? Why not personalized gifts like T-shirt, mug, puzzle or ceramic tile with your face on or maybe your receiver name on it so they could remember what you gave them on Christmas.

Me myself personally like customize stuff like mug with my own faces on or pillow of my favorite character (Ultraman chibi version or Sailormoon) or maybe a pretty geometric graphic on ceramic tile to put onto my toilet wall. hahaha! But yes it is true I really hoping all the above mention could really be done when I got my own house.

What is personalized gifts?

- It is gift with whatever you wanna put on, most common personalized gift will be t-shirt and mug. Where you can put on your own photo and wording you want.

Why personalized gifts?

1) It will be more special and more memorable than you just walk into a store and simple get a shirt and wrap it.

2) Your receiver will remember you more. Trust me I receive a mug with my face on the mug on my 21st, until now I still loving that mug and always using it plus I couldn't forget who gave me that mug.

3) Affordable and useful present, better than buying a teddy bear or a remote control car.

And yes Im here to help you our a little bit, go to for more design of personalized gift. You can customize your own picture, graphic and wording on the gifts.

Printacious is having Christmas promo till 7th December 2015 all order 20% off and use this code: XMAS2015.

Don't worries about the customizing part, it is really convenience and easy to done it. Everyone can do it in 5 mins or maybe lesser. Their website is simple and not complicated, choose what type of gift you want and start choosing out of all the design. Best thing is they got variety of color to choose from, so you can choose the color your receiver like.

Here a simple step by step diagram ;

Click into SHOP for ready designed template by Printcious, you will see variety of design just choose the design you want and put in the name of recipient.

If you don't see any design you want just click into CREATE for own customizing wording and picture. The Page will lead you into option pages with basic stuff such as shirt, mug, pillow, puzzle, ceramic tile & mousepad.

After choosing the prefer gift, you can choose what the color your want. I choose mug and my favorite red, after done with the color click CUSTOMISE IT. By then you should be in the customize area with the gift you chosen with dotted green square in the middle and that's your design space will be printed on.

Now you start designing with photo, words and also barcode or QR code. Thats how Im gonna design my mug and telling anyone that my mug and IMMA BLOGGER.

After you satisfy with your customizing gift, click DONE and you will go back to the original page of the product but the mug no longer a basic mug but your own customized mug then you click ADD TO CART.
And here you know what your should do, click PROCESS TO CHECKOUT and fill in your mailing address or your the one who wanna give to.

Easy right!? As easy as ABC123, so head over to for Christmas present.

For more info do visit ; – Precious Gifts From Your Heart

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Little Christmas wish

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Know what I am not those kind of person who keep coming with the same thing like ; It is the last month of 2015 and you have last month to do what u shall do on 2015 or wishing for yourself too be better but this time I really wanna wish that I can get my teeth braces or maybe invisalign before 2016 birthday. I been telling myself to go for bracing but Im too scare of going dental -odontophobia and they might just pluck all my teeth.

I really wanna go for it!! Even people keep on telling me how painful it is and how suffer the 2-3years gonna be. Braces can be expensive like 2-3 iPhone but if it does make my teeth look nice why not, I was hoping to get invisalign which is lesser the suffer and pain but it is way way way too expensive, it cost like 15k-25k for the treatment and you have to keep visit dental to change your plastic tray.

Why I wanna braces;

1) My teeth is ugly both up and down roll. Crooked teeth and I have fake tiger tooth which cause by the new tooth grown out before my baby tooth drop, I was super afraid of plucking my tooth even until now it is my greatest fear - Toothlessitis. I always dream of myself losing all my teeth like really creepy which wake me up midnight with bed of sweat and I will start touching my teeth to confirm it is not reality. *HOW SAD*

2) My teeth always cause me trouble while eating or after eating like foods piece/chuck stuck between. Because one of my tooth was hidden behind of 2 teeth so it make a gap/space right in front of the 1 tooth at the back those foods chuck will cause me bad breath. Errr hard to explain let me show you a rough diagram;
As you can see the red one is the hidden tooth and in between the front teeth original place my teeth should be and the red one which pushed back by my baby tooth. That the space/gap which make me suffer while eating especially those food stuck there or knocked that tooth. Time pass the tooth behind(red) got further back and I used to push it to the front using my tongue just hoping it might go forward, but of course it doesnt work!

3) Which human being doesnt want to be more pretty and perfect. But I never ever said Im ugly and Im a very very confident person, if you know me in person, you know me. hahahah Is just whenever I show too much teeth I feel ugly especially I am a very crazy person which I laugh really loud and ugly in public hahahah so at least when I laugh ugly but my teeth look good people who get annoy. Right?!

4) Putting money on my facial or teeth improvement is better than I waste it on make up or clothes or bags or SHOES!!! I think I should start selling all my bags and shoes, if I really sold everything bags and shoes I confirm have more than enough to braces. *Self-hypnotize*

That's why I must save more money so I could brace my teeth!! Throwing out few thousand is really heart breaking.

Anyone wanna sponsor me few thousand to braces my teeth!?