Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Little Christmas wish

Know what I am not those kind of person who keep coming with the same thing like ; It is the last month of 2015 and you have last month to do what u shall do on 2015 or wishing for yourself too be better but this time I really wanna wish that I can get my teeth braces or maybe invisalign before 2016 birthday. I been telling myself to go for bracing but Im too scare of going dental -odontophobia and they might just pluck all my teeth.

I really wanna go for it!! Even people keep on telling me how painful it is and how suffer the 2-3years gonna be. Braces can be expensive like 2-3 iPhone but if it does make my teeth look nice why not, I was hoping to get invisalign which is lesser the suffer and pain but it is way way way too expensive, it cost like 15k-25k for the treatment and you have to keep visit dental to change your plastic tray.

Why I wanna braces;

1) My teeth is ugly both up and down roll. Crooked teeth and I have fake tiger tooth which cause by the new tooth grown out before my baby tooth drop, I was super afraid of plucking my tooth even until now it is my greatest fear - Toothlessitis. I always dream of myself losing all my teeth like really creepy which wake me up midnight with bed of sweat and I will start touching my teeth to confirm it is not reality. *HOW SAD*

2) My teeth always cause me trouble while eating or after eating like foods piece/chuck stuck between. Because one of my tooth was hidden behind of 2 teeth so it make a gap/space right in front of the 1 tooth at the back those foods chuck will cause me bad breath. Errr hard to explain let me show you a rough diagram;
As you can see the red one is the hidden tooth and in between the front teeth original place my teeth should be and the red one which pushed back by my baby tooth. That the space/gap which make me suffer while eating especially those food stuck there or knocked that tooth. Time pass the tooth behind(red) got further back and I used to push it to the front using my tongue just hoping it might go forward, but of course it doesnt work!

3) Which human being doesnt want to be more pretty and perfect. But I never ever said Im ugly and Im a very very confident person, if you know me in person, you know me. hahahah Is just whenever I show too much teeth I feel ugly especially I am a very crazy person which I laugh really loud and ugly in public hahahah so at least when I laugh ugly but my teeth look good people who get annoy. Right?!

4) Putting money on my facial or teeth improvement is better than I waste it on make up or clothes or bags or SHOES!!! I think I should start selling all my bags and shoes, if I really sold everything bags and shoes I confirm have more than enough to braces. *Self-hypnotize*

That's why I must save more money so I could brace my teeth!! Throwing out few thousand is really heart breaking.

Anyone wanna sponsor me few thousand to braces my teeth!?


Sharon Lee said...

Aiyo!! I never knew you wan do braces also ler!
You already look nice liao ah =D
Faster go do if not I scare price might be keep increasing too.

MsCarolineLzt said...

I want la but too scare to go for it, I used to keep getting free offer when in secondary but too scare so didnt go for it.

Now want but no more d!! SOSAD~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ya want still planning hahahaha