Friday, December 18, 2015


Print by Printcious

If you happen to read my blog you know I blogged about (you can read it here) and here is the stuff I purchase from them. Can you guess what I purchases!? Let look at the photo and make a guess if guess correct sorry no present. *evil smile*

As you can see they wrapped my item carefully with bubble wrap, then thick cupboard and another layer of bubble wrap. I shall give them a 5 stars full star for the wrapping to prevent damage of my item. They even stick on the "FRAGILE" sign on the parcel, you know la those postmen will just throw you parcel. I experienced before receiving broken glasses but lucky the seller actually send me another set, do take noted the broken experience is not from is another company which won't be mentioning. 

Taaaadaaaa~ My purchases; Ceramic with Audrey Hepburn printed on!! Do you know I really love her style and look in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" classy, elegant and feminine. I want my wedding photo shoot with the them of that style.

And of course one of her quote with printed on too; "Happy girls are the Prettiest"

As for the quality of the printing is good and I tried to wash and rub a little see whether will come off or not but nope it wont come off even I keep on rubbing.

This deco ceramic come with a thick plastic stand, sorry no photo forgotten to take photo of the stand. The stand is really good quality, not those lousy plastic stand and they wrapped it nicely with thick bubble wrapping.

Im satisfy with their quality and how the pack my items to prevent from damages. As for the shipping was quite slow as I drop my order on 4th Dec 2015 and I receive it on 10 Dec 2015, it took almost 1 week time.

As for more option or question on custom made gift do visit; – Precious Gifts From Your Heart

Opss almost forgot, Printacious is having Christmas promo till 7th December 2015 25 December 2015 all order 20% off and use this code: XMAS2015. They extended the promo date.

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