Thursday, December 3, 2015


Where to get a Christmas present!?

We are left with 20 days to prepare Christmas present and no time for shopping and no idea what to get!? Why not personalized gifts like T-shirt, mug, puzzle or ceramic tile with your face on or maybe your receiver name on it so they could remember what you gave them on Christmas.

Me myself personally like customize stuff like mug with my own faces on or pillow of my favorite character (Ultraman chibi version or Sailormoon) or maybe a pretty geometric graphic on ceramic tile to put onto my toilet wall. hahaha! But yes it is true I really hoping all the above mention could really be done when I got my own house.

What is personalized gifts?

- It is gift with whatever you wanna put on, most common personalized gift will be t-shirt and mug. Where you can put on your own photo and wording you want.

Why personalized gifts?

1) It will be more special and more memorable than you just walk into a store and simple get a shirt and wrap it.

2) Your receiver will remember you more. Trust me I receive a mug with my face on the mug on my 21st, until now I still loving that mug and always using it plus I couldn't forget who gave me that mug.

3) Affordable and useful present, better than buying a teddy bear or a remote control car.

And yes Im here to help you our a little bit, go to for more design of personalized gift. You can customize your own picture, graphic and wording on the gifts.

Printacious is having Christmas promo till 7th December 2015 all order 20% off and use this code: XMAS2015.

Don't worries about the customizing part, it is really convenience and easy to done it. Everyone can do it in 5 mins or maybe lesser. Their website is simple and not complicated, choose what type of gift you want and start choosing out of all the design. Best thing is they got variety of color to choose from, so you can choose the color your receiver like.

Here a simple step by step diagram ;

Click into SHOP for ready designed template by Printcious, you will see variety of design just choose the design you want and put in the name of recipient.

If you don't see any design you want just click into CREATE for own customizing wording and picture. The Page will lead you into option pages with basic stuff such as shirt, mug, pillow, puzzle, ceramic tile & mousepad.

After choosing the prefer gift, you can choose what the color your want. I choose mug and my favorite red, after done with the color click CUSTOMISE IT. By then you should be in the customize area with the gift you chosen with dotted green square in the middle and that's your design space will be printed on.

Now you start designing with photo, words and also barcode or QR code. Thats how Im gonna design my mug and telling anyone that my mug and IMMA BLOGGER.

After you satisfy with your customizing gift, click DONE and you will go back to the original page of the product but the mug no longer a basic mug but your own customized mug then you click ADD TO CART.
And here you know what your should do, click PROCESS TO CHECKOUT and fill in your mailing address or your the one who wanna give to.

Easy right!? As easy as ABC123, so head over to for Christmas present.

For more info do visit ; – Precious Gifts From Your Heart

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