Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Affordable and Fresh

Find for fresh and affordable sushi?! You definitely find them; Sushi Jiro Restaurant. Just located in Midvalley Megamall a floor below McDonald or find for Harvey Norman, you can easily spot their signboard down the escalator. Sushi Jiro was open last year April - OPERATION HOURS : 10am – 10pm.

Im a big fans of Zanmai Sushi as many people are same when it come to good sushi they will go and queue for Zanmai and I tired of queuing so accidentally passed by Sushi Jiro and why not give it a try, most importantly affordable ; eat up to 5 plates every plate RM2.99 (normal price RM3.38)!! *SCREAMM*

If Im not mistaken Sushi Jiro is under the same company as Zanmai Sushi so an affordable version of Zanmai Sushi and the queue wasn't as long as Zanmai. Fast, fresh and affordable.

Their menu is simple just 1 piece with everything inside, most of their sushi will be on the belt so no worries. You can easier eat without ordering, Their seating are all next to the belt and they have limited space as it is not a shop-lot restaurant is a kiosk kind of restaurant.

Photo from their Facebook

They will just put the pot on your table for your refill, good thing so you won't have to keep asking for refill and they have bell on every each of the table. But our side of table don't have it so we have to keep waving our hand like nobody business and we were seated at the end of the table next to the kitchen and the staff was keep on walking at the front.

Here the main; Sushi!! It was fresh and variety still okay but their portion are quite small compare to the normal size sushi like normal size sushi I use to bite twice to eat it up but at Jiro their sushi is only 1 bites you can see at the photo the comparison of the chopstick and the sushi size and the salmon slice on the sushi are super thin like see thru!! You get what you pay, look at the bright side smaller mean you can try more of their variety and this is why we LOVE sushi right! Remember to try their Spicy salmon sushi, awabi teri mayo (chicken sausage) & their mentai mayo sushi quite nice.

Their Kimuchi Udon (RM9.80) not bad can try, some place their udon not chewy but super soft like overcooked I dont like it but Jiro's udon just right.

And remember to order fresh salmon and maguro slice which quite thick for the price of RM2.99 it is really worth.

As for dessert we ordered green tea waffle!! Super nice!!! just the waffle not crispy but the ice cream is so so nice. This waffle ice cream is not under the price of RM2.99 as it is served with 2 plate which mean (2xRm2.99=RM5.98). You must give this a try!! but if you are lucky enough you might get it for RM2.99 on the belt as I saw people reviewing that she got it as special of the day for RM2.99 before, some of their special of the day might be worthy.

As usual staff will come and count your plate and give you a bill for your payment at the counter, total of 13 plate included the ice cream waffle. As usual you have to pay for your wet tissue too and they don't gave tissue on table, so bring yours own.

Friendly reminder Sushi Jiro only accept credit card if payment above Rm30. Our total damage was Rm50.65 inclusive GST with 13 plates, 1 bowl of udon & 2 ocha.

Overall was good, as for the food was good and fresh just the portion and the very thin salmon, moreover I don't have to wait for 30mins or 1hour for my meal.

Last Sunday I went for my second dine-in and we were seated at the middle of the facing belt seat and it was so crampy which the customer next to me was so so close to me and her elbow and my elbow keep on touching each other. Between the belt was those 4-6 pax tables and there's a handsome guys sitting right in front us, super easy to get eye contact with and it was so shy of us when our eye meet for few times. hahahah!! Okay single lady or man, you know what you should do now? Go dine-in on Valentine you might get your date there!! LOL

The tea pot and all the sauce have to share with customer next to us and the couple keep on looking at my bf with the "why do you took my stuff" look when he took the menu, sauce and pot.

The salmon on sushi got even thinner and the fresh salmon slice got smaller in size and thinner too I think the salmon when for diet. As for our second visit still we doesn't have the bell on our side.

This time we didn't order udon just sushi, we stopped at plate 15th included our dessert, this time we tried their Ocha Pudding which was rotated on the belt I been wanted to try it on the first visit but bf said very small and look like poops! Damn him! So I tried it even he don't like it and it is so so so so so so NICE and smooth!! and bf was fighting for it too but not so worth cause the portion was so small which bf can finish it in one bite of RM2.99.

Second dine-in total was RM49.85 but I have a RM20 cash voucher so total paid was only RM29.85 inclusive GST with 15 plates and 2 ocha.

Will go again if I feel like having sushi.

Fyi this post wasn't a invited or pay review, no benefit from Jiro to me and the cash voucher was not a token for writing this post but it is from Sushi Jiro as an apologize on my first visit.


Miriam Goh said...

Oh have never tried this place. Will check it out soon. Your first visit looks so good


MsCarolineLzt said...

ya you should try it =)