Tuesday, March 22, 2016



Recently me and my bf (ian) so addicted with this new feature from Facebook, which you can start playing game from messenger and challenging your friends to play with you and you are right the basketball game;

This is mine score yesterday night before I went to bed and the one who challenged me was ian and I bet his score by 2 balls!! This is really addicting and making us keep on compete with it and my current score is 32!!

Really funnnn and help distress a little bit then end up it stress me when I couldn't bet his score. Hahahahaha

Some other people can't figure out how to enter the game like me before knowing I was like a dumbo keep finding a button to go into the game. Hahahaha

Actually really simple just send the basketball emoji to the friend who you wanna play with or challenge then double taps on the ball icon, something like this but remember you must update to the latest version;

And you can see yours and your challenger latest high score and last high score. And here's mine latest score which I win him!!!

So enjoy the game and don't ruin your relation or friendship.

Owh before ending my post, this game actually can help you to contact back your old friends or Facebook friends which you added but never ever chatted or someone you admired and shy or feel awkward to chat with him/her randomly.

Okay that's all bye and good night Tuesday!!!

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