Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Late 2015

Hi, readers or friends did you forget about me!? I won't blame you because I already abandon my blog so so so so so so long and sorry to products/services/branding company/management which approached me for review or event invitation which I rejected. I'm just not as hardwork as the old me. But you still can contact me on reviewing or posting ( or PM me on FB), just that I'm more updating on Facebook and Instagram comparing to Blogging as I think my brain juices have juiced finish, I dont think I could write that much as old time.

Let see my 2015 summarize ; most of it wasn't about me but people around me. 2015 or maybe my age had reached the age when people around me getting married or being a great mom, hardworking dad to earn they baby formula. So many wedding to attend on 2015;

My young cousin wedding and we cousins siblings having great time selfie welfie-ing, even the elder generation were taking picture none stop.

My eldest sis no longer our sis only but Mrs. Ng, someone wife. Her new chapter begin here and long way to go.

She even make us her private cabin crew/stewardess in her favourite color uniform. Not bad right!? I think I should consider changing job. Any interview for flight attendant ongoing?

My super bestie which I knew since 9years old till now and she somebody wife too!! But still Mrs Lee, her chapter just begin this end of year. Im super excited for no reason, feel touching that she finally getting married which I thought nobody gonna want her. hahaha Just kidding

Okay I know I look weird but this is the only photo we took on her ROM, we will take more on your exact wedding day babe.

Another bestie snatched away from us, eventhou we didnt meet always but we still talk a lot when we meet.

2015 Me and Sarah (Bff & sister from another mother) did our own house party birthday which we did everything by ourself, but not cook by us we just order it. hahahah! Sorry to whoever we didnt invite, please no heart feeling we couldnt manage to ask everyone here due to the studio wasn't big enough to fit everyone in, hope you understand.

We celebrated our birthday few years together and this year we will do it again never ending celebrating together till we get old or lay in the earth.

Our very first international trip in 4th years together although not romantic or dream country but it is a trip which we can go together and doesn't burden us and we enjoy it.
Me trying so hard to look cool like a pro model and he is trying his best to take a good shoot, good bf in training progress.

2015 wasn't that bad, I did a small catch up with some of my college mate which we go thru 2-3 years lazy, stressful and rebellious college life together, chasing buses, not doing assignment, late to classes, skipping lecture or last minute assignment overnight.

Still missing college life, it was the greatest period in life so far.

The fellows who stay few block away and chasing buses together, still funny lame joker they used to be but in a mature way.

The girls who accompany me in my college life, without them my college life might imbalance and I couldn't be graduate I guess. hahaha and one of them is getting married soon, her bf was so romantic to propose to her right in front of all her family and church friends. Another being promote to MRS, congrats babe.

I got back to the gym freak thanks to my bf and getting my hand on my badminton racket after so many years slacking thanks to my bf again, most importantly is I met more friends from gym and badminton big thanks to my bf.

I even became a Puma ambassador, okay lame joke I know. hahaha I gym 3-4 days per week in Celebrity Fitnes Setiawalk, Puchong if you happen to saw me there do come over and say Hi, but I might be a little shy. I might not look exactly as pretty as photo but I still me right. hahahah You can blame me for being so photogenic.

Oh Yeah~ I did it!! I did it I did it!! I had challenged myself to 42KM marathon last year in Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015, although I didnt make it on time and worst than what I expected but ya I did it, once in a life just have to try something different.

If you didnt take a step out of your comfort zone you never know how does it feel like. They gave us XL finisher tee, bad management which we already pre select what sizes we want they should had prepared enough for each and everyone. Anyway I still did it and I wore the tee, greatest experience and it make me wanna challenge a last one at least wanna make it in the timing I expected and hope I do have the courage to go for another round of 42KM before I get older and older.

I end my 2015 December with crazy noisy and drunk (not me) with my buds-in-crime. Christmas as usual house partying and creating chaos mess at other people house. Our new year eve party at Paint Glow Fest which wasnt as fest as we thought and not so high as we expected too, not even worth the money we pay but we still had great time being together passing out 2015.

Yes we are Beautiful inside and out.

Friends doesn't measure how long you know each other by times but measure by how deep inside your heart they stay. From rebellious period till now, uncountable friends in and out but who will stay with you till now!? I don't know about you but here mine;

My secondary brothers and sisters which we crash you if you step on any one of us.

The noisiest but confirm steady standby if anything happen.

The badass, we do awkward thing together.

They aren't my friends to begin with, they are my bf best friends & childhood friends so they are my friends too.

The ladies we just met but we look like we were friends for years, it was fun and playful day.

My colleague and boss, those who I hate the most because I see them more than my parent. But they taught me a lot.

This is my 2015, now the 2016 till now all I could say is time pass extremely fast.

I gave my bf a special birthday surprise which was earlier 3 weeks!? hahaha It is surprising to celebrating birthday 3weeks before even his friends were surprised.

We act like nothing and asked him out for a weekend treat and go for a drinking session where we always go. Whenever someone birthday they will have staff holding birthday sing and stand behind the birthday person, and when the song was sang he was looking around finding for the birthday one, he was so shock when the staff walking toward him with cupcake on hand. He thought they mistaken him as the birthday person, he knew it was for him after he saw his name on the cake.

So SURPRISE babe! The cupcake ; Nice to see but not nice to eat, I order them from some random online home baker. I will not recommend it as the cake was too sweet and greasy, but the fondant design is pretty good.

We also passed our 4th lovehaterelation (from long distance relation till now he stay 1km away from my place) years together , our 2016 White Valentine is our 5th anniversary. Yeap, happy 5th anniversary and we did nothing special that day, just window shopping and movie. We never really had a romantic candle light dinner or nothing special even on our birthday. What can I said my bf is not a romantic person, I never really get any surprises or roses from him, the only rose I got from him is an origami rose he make for me and I still keep it.

Okay I just highlighted some of the event I did and happen from 2015 till now, it is a normal year behind hoping 2016 will be more adventurer and smooth as I expected.

As for my blogging I will still do it occasionally, and collaboration do email me or Facebook me @ Caroline Lim zt. I update more on Instagram and my personal Facebook.


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so sweet i wanna cry TT hahahaha

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Why cry! you should start back you blogging kak