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This gonna be a full words and lesser photo post, if you're not ready to read then you can skip this post.

If you know me or follow any of mine SNS you should know, I gym a lot like 4 days per week and I have been a member of Celebrity Fitness for 2years. So far nothing much really frustrate me, while Im working out there. But why do I write about them now??
Let me clarify ; This is not a collaboration between me and CF, they didnt paid me any money nor giving me free membership (fyi ; IPAYFORMYMEMBER) and this is not a post which I going to praise how good how perfect the gym is but the other way.

As Im a One club member ; which mean I only entitle to workout in only 1 outlet which I registered. I was registered under Sri Petaling, Endah Parade outlet due to I was working nearby that area but after 2-3 months I transfer my membership to where it is nearer to my current work place and my house (Setiawalk Puchong).
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The first week I started workout in Puchong CF the staff already asked me millions almost every each time I walk in they will ask the same question, "You are One Club member?". For serious asking me the same question almost every time I entering, first time is reasonable, second time is forgiven, third time it could be different staff on duty, fourth time is annoying and the following will be super frustrated!! Like super duper zuper frustrated and do you know I have to like explain for 5 minutes to them about why and how I transfer and how suck their management.

Start from E.P CF(Endah Parade CF), I requested to transfer to Puchong CF and the staff there told me I could just go over to Puchong and let their staff know and did all the transfering in Puchong CF. So I did what they told me, go over to Puchong CF and told the staff Im transfering myself to P. CF (Puchong CF). Who know P. CF staff told me to go back to E.P CF for transfering and both place CF had pushed me back and forth, back and forth. End up I was so frustrated I actually yelled to the P. CF staff which asked me the same question, since then they never really ask the question again or because they already recognized me since I gym 4 days per week at their outlet.

As what I wrote about was 1 year ++++ months back.

So after that I workout in P.CF till now, there are still few staff which continue asking the same One Club question but I will just answer them in a short and quick answer so it would not waste my 5 minutes of workout and dragging time of people who queuing behind me to enter. Plus they have different receptionist and keep on changing receptionist. Their receptionist just doesnt stay long, if you get what I mean.

But as I could remember the questioning doesnt happen so often till recently in like 3weeks time I was questioning by their receptionist three times!! Twice from a same fella name Putera, I could remember name really good as their nametag was quite big on their uniform.

Till yesterday another women staff, malay, short hair with bleached edge dye and big round annoying eyes which I couldnt remember her name because I was so not in a good mood, she asked the same question, I was so damn frustrated and answered her with an annoying look "Already ask many times, I already transfer here for almost 2years" and she replied me with a unpleasant look "Saya tanya banyak kali, saya yang tanya ke" She speak Malay it mean "did I ask many times, Im the one who asked", at that moment I was so angry feel like I gonna swear her and give her a middle finger. I told her "Your staff had asked me many times", guess what the FURK she replied me!!! "I tanya baik baik you jawab baik baik/elok elok" (I asked you nicely you answer me nicely) while using my card pointed at me like Im her child and being lectured by her!! With the like *cari gaduh or come fight* look, eyes wide open looking at me!!


But then I think I was too good just collected my locker card and I just walked awhile, then I did turn around and told her to furking update my membership and she replied me "OK" with *I TAK KAN LAYAN YOU/I dont care* look.

I immediately did a complain via CF website Contact Us for customer services inqurires here: http://www.celebrityfitness.com/my/contact-us. They stated (please fill out this form to get a quicker answer.) till now I haven receive any email from their side!!! Serious this is really quick for not responding.

Do something with it Celebrity Fitnes, dont hire such gangster style receptionist as this is services front line and this is what we get for paying every month! Im there to distress not to be stressed by your staff.

And as your website stated Puchong CF operation hour for Monday - Friday are 7am - 11pm but everytime 10.30pm they already shooing people announcing "the club is close now please proceed to the exit", so where is the 30 minutes goes!? On of the staff actually told me "Miss please be more earlier next time as our club is close" but I didnt yell or reply anything because he was polite but hello it was 10.40pm only, so where does the 11pm closing.

Anyway, so far most of the staff there are nice. The outlet manager Malay big bulky guy he is really good, the Indian lady long hair skinny one I think she the manager/supervisor of the receptionist and some of the personal trainer, there is one Chinese trainer short hair her name should be Kylie she is good too, she saw me the other day couldnt adjust the seat of the machine and she came over just to help me while she was training another member.

Some of the personal trainer look not so friendly like we owe them money, most probably because my bf make noise there. You know they have a sandbag at the Personal training area and my bf like to play with it kicking training his boxing kicking there and the punching kicking sandbag sound quite noisy and annoying plus it swing around and take up quite some space there. But now that personal training area fences was dismantled turn into a public area.

But to compare to many other gym Celebrity Fitness as in term of cleanness, it is clean and comfortable. The environment is really good especially the treadmill area on the day time, they even have a nursery room for parents to workout while babysitting their children.

The complain is about 11 April 2016, night around 7pm-7.30pm in Puchong Setiawalk Celebrity Fitness outlet. I hope they take this problem seriously. I or we members dont pay for disrespect from you staff.

*****New update, their Operation Manager the Indian lady which I said (her name is Ashwini) called to apologize for behalf of the rude staff, and why isnt the rude one who called and apologizing but her manager have to!?? Anyway at least they saw my comment on their Facebook page. Yea I commented on their FB page to seek for attention hahaha.*****
Below is some other CF member and my friends which commented on my FB post, CF do take note of this ;

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